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Vienna Short Story

Vienna: Tour Guide

Vienna is a screen of History. It has phenomenal streetscapes with extraordinary design and architecture and a ring of music in the ear. It almost punctures the eye with a filter. A filter that does seem realistic. But it is. Vienna’s royal dignity is from the tradition of the Halsburg monarchy. It was their home for more than six centuries. It is engraved with a chapel where boys sing Sunday mass. It has a treasure trove of museums with architectural brilliance and some immense palaces too. One of the most stunning places is the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, is home to the stately showcase of art. With heritage of composers such as Mozart and Beethoven, just to name a few, Vienna is famous for its music. There is countless number of venues where you can watch state of the art music. Or, if you want to go and interact with the city’s music visit the Haus der Musik Museum where you can interact with various exhibits. Vienna is also scattered with cute little coffee houses. It has a good variety of coffee and good market stools stocked up with fresh produce that local chefs are experimenting with, to find new flavours.

Top Attractions in Vienna:

Schloss Schonbrunn:

The Schloss Schonnbrunn is a Compelling extravagant palace which is now a world heritage site. The palace has a huge amount of rooms at 1441. 40 of these are open to the public. The informative tour takes you into 26 of these 40, including the exclusive private apartment of Franz Josef and Sisi. Whilst the grand tour, however, takes you around all 40 including the cherished 18th-century magnificent interiors with brilliant design and architecture. You can do these tours with an audio tour guide or if you prefer you can hire a physical tour guide. It is best to book your tickets beforehand, so you are not waiting although if you do forget you can explore the wonderful gardens this place holds.


A trip to Vienna is never complete before you go on this 19th-century giant Ferris wheel. It features in many films including some James Bond films. It is the only remaining works of the British engineer of this machine ‘Walter Basset’, who also built similar wheels in London and Paris. It was completed in 1897. It rises to an impressive 65m high and takes a gentle time of 20 minutes to complete a full circle in one of the fifteen wooden gondolas. This gives you plenty of time to take some photos of the wonderful city laid out beneath you. It is not an attraction to be missed and is good to see more of the city and from a slightly different perspective.

Vienna State Opera:

Opera and outstanding architecture are alike in Venice. The Venice State Opera house has both of those in plethora. It is in the centre of the city with easy access and is considered one of the finest opera houses in the world. The outside of the building has a Renaissance style about it with arched windows and arches. The inside is abundant with fine décor and feels like a palace rather than a musical house. You can take a 40-minute informative tour that takes you around the place and gives you a good understanding. You can also watch opera here, but you would need to check what’s on before you go and visit. Overall a good place to visit, especially for musical fans.

Transport in Vienna:

Transport is a well-developed system in Vienna and will get you anywhere in no time at all. It consists of many trams, buses and underground lines. There are 29 trams and 127 bus lines. 24 of these operate at night between 0.30am and 5 am. There is a system of honesty in the ticket system. There are no gates or formal ticket checks on any transport, but you still must pay. You may be thinking ‘What’s the point?’. However, sometimes there are undercover people on transport who pull the machine out of there pocket and ask for your ticket. If you do not have a ticket you will be fined and as the tickets are so cheap, your mays well get a ticket and not have to pay a big fine. You can use this ticket on any part of the public transport system

Nightlife in Vienna:

Vienna’s situation when it comes to clubs is good. With varied clubs and bars around you won’t be spending your night looking for somewhere to go. The music created is electronic and is well known internationally for its good vibe. Below are few clubs and bars that might take your fancy.
  • Travel shack Vienna (Good atmosphere with party games, free Wi-Fi, karaoke.
  • Jazzland (Cosy, Casual, good for groups)
  • First floor (Cosy, good cocktails)
  • Flex (Club, live DJ music, big outdoor terrace)
  • Pratersauna (Contemporary interior, good cocktails)
  • Prater DOME (Student Club, Bar with waterfall)