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Saint Petersburg Short Story

St Petersburg: Tour guide

Some would say that St Petersburg is like a second Venice. Built around water, it has so many ancient canals to explore. It will never fail to impress you with the sheer grandness of it. It also said to be the second capital of Russia. The city was built to put on a display of Russia’s growing status in the world. Architects built palaces and cathedrals within the city to make it Russia’s first, fine coexistence. St Petersburg feels just how it was when it was built with it solid, frozen heart. You can be cruising along the tranquil canals or crossing one of the many 342 bridges in the city or watching the ships pass through. Anywhere in St Petersburg your never far from some water. If you go North of the city, it won’t be long before you find some pristine beaches edging the Gulf of Finland. The summer nights in St Petersburg are fascinating. With a sun that barely dips below the horizon, whether you visit in the depth of winter or the height of summer it won't affect your trip. Although in winter the ground may be covered with snow, the culture still buzzes and is a delight to be around.

Top Attractions in St Petersburg:

Church of the Savior on spilt blood:

This landmark really does look like Cinderella’s castle with big gold domes and decorative windows and architecture. From the outside, this building looks like it is thousands of years old. It fools everyone at first. It is barely 100 years old, however, it marks the spot where Tsar Alexander II was killed in 1881. He started the construction of a memorial for his father. It is now a museum which you must go inside. It has beautiful mosaics and ceilings with dramatic chandeliers hanging illuminating the church.

Boat trips:

Soak in the sights and streets of St Petersburg on this 3-hour cruise. You will pass various sights on the tour such as palaces, cathedrals and the Mariinsky theatre. You can choose from various cruises. A daytime cruise on the river Neva. A midnight cruise, where you will see the jaw-dropping jaw bridge open which will be illuminated. Or If you like a bit of jazz, there is a jazz dinner cruise going down the Neva. Book your selected cruise and get picked up from your hotel in St Petersburg. There are regular departure times, so you don’t have to get up early or depart very late. Each cruise takes a relaxing three hours. At €86.10 you can’t really go wrong.

Mariinsky Theatre:

This theatre is the most magnificent venue for orchestras, ballet and opera. It is a great attraction to visit. You can book tickets online or in person for regular performances. It has a beautiful interior and is the centre of it all. In recent years the director has been working hard to make sure that the company is keeping up and running and overseeing the construction of the second Mariinsky. It is certain that the theatre will close sometime soon probably in 2018-2019, for a full renovation which is much needed. So, visit here while you can, you are sure to have a memorable evening.

Transport in St Petersburg:

The transportation system is great in St Petersburg. Fast and efficient it is a desirable way to get around the city. With the metro probably being the best way for visitors as it covers mostly all the city and has some fantastic station architecture. Overground transport is varied, but it is not difficult to navigate your way through it with the help of some pointers. With the latest project you can now use some waterways to get too and from places with ease. However, there is a lack of night services in the city, so you may have to rely on taxis or foot to get back home. Fares are low at only $1 for a single journey. Trams run through the city and outside but avoid when there are roadworks. Buses are good with an extensive service but not too good for foreigners. Trolleybuses are also a thing but are basically the same as a normal bus. If you are interested in saving the environment, then get a trolleybus instead. Marshrutka is private minibuses running a fixed route. They are very useful for getting out into the suburb area. There are more than enough taxis around the city marked with a checked bar on the roof. Waterways are also a recent development but only run one route at the moment.

Nightlife in St Petersburg:

The city is not only famous for its culture and architecture but also its great nightlife. It is the first Russian city to adapt to clubbing. There is a good range of places to go and what’s better the Russians know how to have fun and socialize. Here are few of the top bars and clubs:
  • Lomonosov bar (Karaoke, great cocktails, casual)
  • Daiquiri ((Cash only, bar games, happy hour)
  • Nebar (Casual, nice atmosphere)
  • Apotheke Bar (Cocktail bar, known for cocktails)
  • Fish Fabrique (nightclub, casual, relaxed, good atmosphere)