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Hong Kong Short Story

Hong Kong: Tour Guide

There are many cities with a piercing skyline and numerous skyscrapers, but none that incorporate such plush food and culture with some of the most amazing traditions like Hong Kong. The different islands and sections bring a unique feel towards Hong Kong. You can find yourself doing various things in Hong Kong. From going up steep slopes on a tram to the peak or glazing at the beautiful harbour. Although Hong Kong looks like it is filled up with skyscrapers but 70% of it is mountains and parks. The cuisine in Hong Kong is second to none with some of the best chefs in the world in some of the kitchens cooking Cantonese Japanese and even French. Peeking Duck or steamed dim sun on top of a skyscraper, any food can be the answer in Hong Kong combining so many tastes and smells to create a wonderland of cooking and chefs. You can shop in Hong Kong for just about anything and for any price. Buy the latest designer clothes for the jam-packed streets or shop at a market to bargain your way down for various items. So much culture in the city is tangled up into one. From Asia’s top film to the beat of a dragon boat, you can find yourself doing all sorts in the city.

Top Attractions:

The Peak:

The peak stands at 552m above Hong Kong giving you an outstanding view of the city. It lays on Hong Kong Island and is one of the most visited places in the city, which is not hard to see why. You can access it by one of the oldest ways of transport in Hong Kong. It is a 125-year-old tram. It rises almost vertically climbing up the 500 odd metres it climbs. Then when at the top, visit the gallery with a free viewing deck which has an optimum opportunity for a picture of a great view, however, the harbour is slightly obscured. Although you have to pay a bit of money to get up there it is well worth the views and the experience of the very steep climb.

Star Ferry:

Until you’ve been on the star ferry you can’t say that you have completed a trip to Hong Kong, or Hong Kong Island. With thoughtful names given to the vessels, it is lovely to get out on a natural landscape, away from the rush and tarmac of the inner city. A trip that takes you along the water creating views of the stunning skyscrapers and mountains in the background it is such good value. What makes the ferry so historic is just the docking stage after your ten-minute journey. The rope is thrown and caught just how it was over a century ago. You can also hop aboard the 60-minute cruise taking you to various points across the islands. On a cloudy day, the only stars visible to you will be the five stars on the star ferry.

Ladies Markets:

Crammed full of anything and everything you could ever think of the lady’s markets are a great way to spend any loose change you have lying around. Due to the bargains you can get here and the negotiating that takes place, items sell for next to nothing. There are over 100 market stalls selling clothes, accessories and electronics. Find things from noodles to famous watches for as little on the Street Night market or old antiques on Cat Street. Apliu Street is known for its electronics and Fa Yuen street is known for its shoes. There are also dedicated streets for other items such as kitchenware. You can get there by MTR (underground railway) or by bus and star ferry.

Transport in Hong Kong:

Most of Hong Kong’s public transport is clean fast and safe. The MTR is probably the quickest way to get around incorporating overground and underground, it is clean, fast and efficient. It transports around four million people a day. Although it is the most expensive out of all the transport available, it will certainly get you to a major part of the city in no time at all. It has nine lines with over 90 stations, with trains running every two to fourteen minutes. However, you cannot smoke eat or drink in any of the MTR stations. The tickets cost eight to thirty-five HK$ and more like sixty HK$ if your trip takes you to the mainland or to the island, however children 3-11 pay half and so do seniors over 65. They run between 6 am and approx. midnight and it's best to avoid rush hours when it can get very busy. Buses are a little cheaper and take you to places beyond where the MTR does past midnight too. Taxis are a great way to get around as they are cheaper than the west. They are usually red and green. Trams offer a great view but are a little slow sometimes.

Nightlife in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong’s nightlife has a great choice of both bars and nightclubs. All night partying or a late evening drink, your choice. Even catch the dazzling light and sound show across Hong Kong’s skyline at 8 pm every day, which is the largest in the world. Whatever you do, you are bound to have a great and memorable night out. Here are a few suggestions of places to visit.
  • Volar (nightclub, good music, 80’s feel)
  • Ce La Vi Hong Kong (rooftop bar with a nightclub, mixed music, party atmosphere)
  • Quinary (Outstanding cocktails, good vibe, the best place to drink in the city)
  • Stockton (Quaint, Bar, out of the way, cocktail bar)
  • Two seventy degrees (great view of the harbour, well-priced drinks, young crowd, house music)