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Miami Short Story

Miami: A Tour Guide

The city of art-deco charm and gorgeous beaches, Miami is the city of indisputable allure. A major city of Florida in the United States, Miami has world’s largest and greatest collection of Art Deco buildings and hotels that give you a cinematic backdrop of the city. Due to the diverse population, creativity has become the hallmark of Miami. From burgeoning art scene to savory cuisines, natural beauty, gleaming shores, sunrise strolls, eccentric birds species, moonlight, shimmering skylines, backyard bars, blazing nightlife and Salsa, Miami has much magic to unfold.

Best Things to do in Miami

Visit Europe by means of Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Visit the wonderland of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and endure the dramatic sight of Italian Renaissance style villa. The extravagant architecture reveals the class and style of its residents such as Chicagoan Industrialists and Europhile James Deer in the 20th century. The sumptuous interior is full of European artefacts and decorated with artworks of 16th and 19th centuries. The original and intact inside and architecture of this magnificent villa will convey you to the golden age and traverse the aristocratic lifestyle of sovereigns. Still, there is no wonder that Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is the popular site when it comes to wedding and quinceanera parties.

Eat Cuban food at Versailles restaurant

Versailles is the opulent Cuban dining and equally famous in Miami as its deluxe name in France. The interior of the restaurant has wall to wall mirrors, a continuous buzzing and an extensive menu that featured all recipes of Cuban catalogue. However, the specialty of Versailles is Cubano in the menu which has toasted filled slices of ham, roasted pork and Swiss cheese that cut flawlessly in the half. Either you have taste for Cuban cuisine or not, do visit Versailles once and savor an unforgettable meal.

Ramble around Calle Ocho in Little Havana

If you want to travel to Cuba but still did not get chance then head straight to the Vedado and Miramar suburbs of Miami named Little Havana. When Fidel Castro came into the power in 1959, thousands of Cuban escaped to Miami and moved to other areas of the city but their legacy has survived on Calle Ocho. Here you can behold Mediterranean style homes with rocking chairs, tobacco scents blowing from cigar stores snaps of Domino Park and hum of Latin music that combine contribute to the authentic Cuban vibes from neighborhoods.

Top Attractions of Miami

Jungle Island

Packed with tropical birds, alligators, chimps, lemurs, tigers and orangutans, Jungle Islands offers tons of fun to its visitors. For a family trip with kids in Miami, Jungle Island is an ideal place and equally popular in locals. The jungle is similar to Noah Ark and a must-see attraction in Miami. So just give up everything and be ready to enjoy some bright feathered, birds poop scent and melodious wild voices in the man-made self-contained jungle if you are in Miami.

Coral Castle

The coral castle has always been an eternal mystery to its all-time visitors who explore it time and again. The castle edifice is made of an oolite limestone and created by Latvian American Edward Leedskalnin. Situated in the Leisure City Miami, Coral Castle Museum includes a 9-ton gate that moves with the touch of a finger. Since the construction, it is stated that no one has observed Edward or his labor, building his loved castle, some said Edward had supernatural powers who built it for Ed. until, no one could discover this fact that how Ed built the classical pyramids and what really inspired him, maybe his sheer passion to creativity or ancient science that defy gravitation or just human enterprise that can build wonders. Well, whatever the reason, Coral Castle is one of the most visited and exquisite attractions of Miami.

Miami Seaquarium

The world-class marine park is 38-acre oldest oceanarium in Miami that housed a large number of marine mammals, fish, sea turtles, birds, sharks, reptiles and manatees. The park renders daily displays and shows that held in different timings and occasions. The Seaquarium has employed more than 225 employees and over 500,000 visitors come to see it every year. The Killer whale, Lolita and TV superstar Flipper has their 2nd home in Seaquarium. You will encounter bottlenose dolphins and Salty Sea Lion along with Crocodiles, amiable mammals and friendly manatees in numerous shows and interactive programs of Seaquarium.

Transport in Miami

Miami is the sprawling city of Florida and it is suggested to navigate within the city with the help of someone. Metro rail and Metro bus are the most convenient and affordable choices for taxis and rentals cars in Miami. Public transport is also the excellent mode of transport to see the beguile attractions of Miami while bypassing traffic gridlock. Bus ride starts at $2.25 but the best way is to use an Easy Card or Easy Ticket which is also available online and equally applicable in all kinds of transport means. Many restaurant and shops also came along the metro route where you can spend time and enjoy the nearby attractions of Miami.

Nightlife of Miami

Some of the best attractions of Miami can only be enjoyed after dark when the lights are dim and music is high. With drink and Salsa, you may flow deep into the amazing nightlife of the city. no wonders clubs and pubs of Miami are also considered best in the whole country and has a hedonistic haven for those who start their day at night. Wave with Latin beats and throw your heart to pounding tunes from world's renowned DJs and enjoy the hotspots which keep the party on till the sun rises on beaches. So get a little night-loving, go out and enjoy your night in Miami but coffee shops in Miami are also there to welcome you in the morning if night passed away.
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