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Stockholm Short Story

Stockholm: Tour Guide

Stockholm is a city submerged in the water. With exquisite harbours and outstanding historic core, it is not actually a museum piece. It is contemporary, productive and always growing. Stockholm holds so much history with cathedrals, palaces and cobbled streets. The name Stockholm was found centuries ago right back in 1252 when someone sent the name in a letter. The man was called Birger Jarl and you will see his name everywhere around the city today. Amble around the city today and you will realise what old city origins there are. There is an old fortress which was designed to control the waterway between a lake and the sea. The design in Stockholm is legendary. With so much attention to detail everywhere, even in coffee shops holding attractive and well-placed furniture and perfect mood lighting. This just puts you in the Swedish mood. If you are into design, then museums are a good place to see this. But even better just wander around the shops and you will see some fascinating design and trends. Tourists will quickly realise that Stockholm is food obsessed. This is no surprise for the locals given the number of ingredients and produce it creates. Even though meatballs are a classic Swedish dish. Chefs are inspired by new ways of cooking.

Top attractions in Stockholm:


This is the custom-built home of the famous warship Vasa. It is nearly 70m long and 50m tall, it was the pride of the Swedes in 1628 when it set off on its voyage. Within minutes of the voyage, due to some dodgy calculations made by the freelancer designers, the ship sank right towards the bottom along with many people on board. The tour guides describe the story very well of the 300-year revival and how they put it back together like a 14,000-piece jigsaw. Pretty much all of what you say today is what they pulled out from the bottom of the Saltsjon. Upon entering the exhibit you will see a scale of the ship along with a fairly quick cinematic video showing topics not shown in other areas. There are four other levels showing different parts of what it would have been like on the ship. The bottom floor is the most interesting using forensic science to recreate the life stories of some of the once living passengers.

Boat trip:

As mentioned Stockholm is built entirely engulfed with water. With 14 different islands, thee is sure to be some water somewhere. Taking a boat trip is the perfect way to see this and to see the Swedish Capital. Either take a short ride through the city to see the main sights and get a glimpse of what life is like in Stockholm. Or go for a longer exploration around different islands seeing what the city and beyond is made up of and what lies there. So, if you are a sightseer or more explorer, either way, this tour will be great for you.


Be you may be thinking ‘You cant ski in Stockholm’? Well, you can, nearly. Go 20 minutes out of the city and hit the slopes. On the other side of Sodenmalm, you have fresh snow right under your feet. Giving you a range from green to black slopes, its great for beginners who are trying skiing or experts who love skiing and is their passion. It is great if you’re in Stockholm and you fancy a ski session. Or if you can’t decide between a holiday to the French Alps or a European city break. You can do both in Stockholm. Ski equipment is easily available on the slopes, so you can pack light and ski away. What a great way to get the best of both worlds. What’s better is that you’re not just skiing but you also get a fantastic view of Stockholm and the city around it.

Transportation in Stockholm:

Stockholm has a great transportation system with a good network within the city but also in its suburbs and beyond. If you are coming or going to and from beyond the city there are three main ways to do this. There is the long-distance rail network which will take you throughout Sweden and even into other European countries. Stockholm has a main station for this in the west of the city. It has shops and cafes in it too. Also, there are the bus routes which take you anywhere within Sweden. Which is good for people who are staying or live in the suburbs. Arlanda the largest airport in the country is about 40km north of Stockholm and has air links to many places all around Europe and beyond. Once off the plane grab a bus or a taxi to the city. Within the city, there are 3 main types of transport. You can either grab a bus, tram or take the underground to get around the city centre. Check your route before you set out as walking can also be a good option because most places are near to each other. This will save you a fare and the bonus is that you can see more of the city by walking.

Nightlife in Stockholm:

Stockholm isn’t just buzzing and trendy during the day. It also comes to life at night too. There are three main things you should master in Stockholm, to get the best out of nightlife. Location, Transport and price. If you get these right, you will have the night of your life. Here are a few places that might float your boat.
  • Sturecompagneit (Club, great Cocktails)
  • Spy bar (Elegant, Stylish place, Varied DJ tracks)
  • Corner Club (Bar, cosy, casual)
  • Icebar (Great Cocktails, casual)
  • Tiki room (slightly out centre, cosy)
  • Restaurang Solidaritet (happening nightclub, themed nights, regular guests)