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Rome Short Story

Rome: A Travel Guide

Known as the Eternal City, Rome is the capital and largest city of Italy and recognized as the city of Seven Hills in Roman Empire. It has been the cradle of a millennium-long center of power, culture, religion and civilization. Rome has significant influence in the history of Europe and exerted its command over the world in 2800 years of its survival. The historical city is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its wonderful palaces, romantic ruins, elegant fountains, sumptuous monuments, medieval churches and historical heritage.

Best Things to do in Rome


Known as Flavian Amphitheatre, Colosseum is Rome’s greatest gladiatorial arena and one of the most thrilling ancient sight. As per the factual statistics, it was originated in 80 AD with 50,000 seats. It was adorned with travertine that covered by huge canvas. Inside the Colosseum, a tiered seating system has encircled the arena that built an underground complex where animals and prisoners were caged in old times.  Various exquisite games like gladiators’ fights and wild animal fighting were played here in that era. Today the relics of Colosseum renders an awesome insight of thrilling games and how it amused people with blood and flesh.

Trevi Fountain

Located in the Trevi district of Rome, this Fountain is the most stunning fountain in the world. Although there is more than beauty, Trevi Fountain has also been popular to check the fortune of its every visitor by throwing coins. It is stated that Aqua Virgo provides water to Roman Baths and in the honor of a young Roman girl the fountain names as Trevi who directed thirsty soldiers of war to spring to drink water. It is very difficult to get the best view of the fountain in day time due to the visitor's crowd but if you could wake up around dawn then head straight to the fountain and throw coin using the right hand over the left shoulder as per the tradition. Almost 3,000 Euros are thrown into the fountain every day that used to support the supermarket for deserving of Rome.

Quirinal Palace

The Magnificent Quirinal Palace is located on top of the highest Seven Hills of Rome and a focal attraction for the visitors in Rome. The Palace had been the residence of Popes in summers for almost three thousand years prior to being declared as the Palace to King in Italy. Quirinal Palace is the jewel of many famous artists who attributed it to Chapel, Domenico Fontana and Carlo Maderno. Visitors of Palace enjoy the parade and changing of Guards of honor on every Sunday while a musical concert also held near Piazza to delight the crowd of Palace

Top Tourist Attractions

St. Peter's Basilica  

Saint Peter's Basilica is the holiest and largest church in the world and considered as the center of Christianity. The impressive structure is built on Vatican Hills by greatest Italian architects of that era. Across the Tiber River, this church is the historical center of Rome and its location is highly symbolic due to the Saint Peter who died as a martyr and buried in 64 AD. Saint Peter is regarded as the 1st Pope of Rome and the impeccable choice for the papacy to build the principal shrine of Catholic Church. People visit the Church independently and with a tour guide as well to get fast entry and details of the tour. The dome of St Peter Church is a notable landmark in Rome to travel wherever you want. If you arrive here by Metro, a five minutes’ walk is required to approach St Basilica Square and once you here, things would be clicking you to get around. Do not forget to see the balcony of Church from where the Pope is often seen if you heard in news.

Vatican Museums  

The Vatican Museums are Christian and art museums in Rome that contain masterpieces of paintings, sculptures and other artworks, collected by Popes for centuries. Located within the boundaries of Vatican City, the museums include several monumental artworks such as Sistine Chapel, Beato Angelico Chapel, Raphael Rooms, Borgia Apartment and Loggia. The picture gallery of Vatican Museums was designed by the architect Beltrami in 1932 and correlated to the complex by the elegant Portico.  The assortment of modern religious art was also added to museums in 1973. The history museum is also added to the Lateran Palace that involves exhibits of Pontifical Military Corps. Usually, Museums remains open for public every weekday morning and early morning in summer. Entry in Museums is only free on the last Sunday of the month but stills flocks of visitors came to see and appreciate the relics of Rome.

Piazza Navona  

This is a popular square in Rome and built on the site of Domitian Stadium in a 1st century AD. Piazza Navona is the vibrant attraction and a central elegant showcase of Rome with ornate fountains, colorful streets, artists, hawkers, and tourists. The majestic centerpiece of Piazza Navona is Bernini’s Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi which is a flaming Fountain starred with Egyptian Obelisk and Muscular personification of Nile, Ganga, Danube, and Plate Rivers. The largest façade of this square is Palazzo Pamphilj that built for Pope Innocent X between 1644 and 1650 and now it has become a Brazilian Embassy.

Transport Modes in Rome

Getting around Rome is very simple cheap and convenient due to the transport network. The underground railway system of the city is tremendous and meets each tourist destination. The metro system of Rome operates in three lines which are also very affordable and efficient. It also provides city maps to navigate and explore Rome without any hassle. Public transport ticketing system is also very useful in Rome as one ticket is valid in rail, tram, metro and bus at the same time. Rome also has an extensive and usable network of trams and buses as it is not feasible to see everything by foot. Taxi service is not usually recommended due to the cost but for a personalized trip, there is nothing better than a taxi.

Nightlife in Rome

While visiting Rome, do spare time for the Roman party with locals as they really know how to enjoy the late night. Whether you go for dancing floor or a laidback wine bar, you can share a glass of happiness with friends. The better idea is to take a map and explore Rome in a day trip but when the sun goes down get rid of your location map, cobblestone walkways, and historical monuments and just indulge yourself in the party night of the city. For your guidance, we have mentioned below some of the hottest nightlife spots in Rome.
  1. Ice Club
  2. La Cabala
  3. Shari Vari - Play House
  4. Salotto42
  5. Vendita Libri, Cioccolata e Vino
  6. The Highlander Pub
  7. La Botticella of Poggi Giovanni
  8. The Parrot Bar
  9. The Basement - Pub. Cocktail Bar. Events
  10. Freni e Frizioni