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Singapore Short Story

Singapore: Tour Guide

Singapore has a skyline of the future. It grows every day in its large city full of many different cultures. It is finally getting going meaning more and more tourists are discovering how wonderful the city is and what it has got to offer. Getting around Singapore is so quick and efficient, whether it’s getting from one street to the next or going from one side of the city to the other, one of the world’s best public transport systems is sure to get you there in no time. This is all thanks to the great MTR system. With more new metro lines opening it is just going to get better and better. The food here is taken very seriously. There will be queues everywhere for cheap and easy street food, to the finest 5 star Michelin starred restaurants. You don’t have to go to these fine dining places you can grab a very good meal for just a few dollars. All you have to do is join the longest line. From what used to be a jungle, Singapore is slowly turning this into big skyscrapers. However, these aren’t just like a normal skyscraper, they are state of the art greener skyscrapers that are much more eco-sustainable and the city is working towards this in the future. If you want to go somewhere much greener then just out of town there are various gardens and jungles which allow you to do so. When the heat gets to you, there is an abundance of retail stores to pop into, with plenty of famous brands they will definitely keep you busy.

Top Attractions:

Singapore Zoo:

Singapore zoo works with nature and combines natural enclosures in which you can watch the animals in their natural habitat and interactive sections where you can get even closer to the animals. The animals you will be able to see range from Orang-utans to Malaysian flying foxes. There are 26 beautiful acres of luscious land that come right up to the waters of the Upper Seletar Reservoir. There are many different animals living here and their environment is as close to the real thing as it gets. Experience close encounters with all types of animals and even enjoy a morning buffet with the Orang-utans. Kids can be entertained by the Rainforest Kid world with a complex of slides, swings and pony rides for the little ones to enjoy.

Gardens of the bay:

Singapore has a state of the art contemporary botanical garden. It is a $1 billion project that consists of Biodomes, high tech ‘Supertrees’ and stunning sculptures all found in a 101-hectare area. The flower dome shows the dry climates found across the world, while the even more astonishing Cloud forest showcases the tropical scene complete with a magnificent waterfall. You can get between two of the ‘Supertrees’ via the OCBC Skyway, with glorious views of the surrounding gardens and the South China Sea. During a 1-hour period in the evening, these Supertrees glow and create a beautiful arrangement of vibrant colours. There is a waterpark on site for the kids to enjoy with fully equipped changing rooms too.

National Gallery Singapore:

The $530 million National Gallery in Singapore is the home to some of the world’s best, old and new, Southeast Asian Art. Intertwined into its galleries are Singaporean and Indonesian works which include pop up exhibitions to major art combinations with some of the world’s best profile art museums. The striking glass and aluminium canopy creates a breath-taking National gallery from what was a historic city hall and Supreme Court. The art is housed into main spaces. The DBS Singapore gallery and the UOB Southeast Asia Gallery. It also houses good eateries and a gift shop filled with all the relevant art books, design pieces and prints inspired by the museum's works.

Transport in Singapore:

Singapore’s transportation system is a well-established thought-out system which is fast and clean that will take you just about anywhere throughout the city in no time, most importantly without any hassle. The MRT system is by far the best way to get to places and with a large rail network, it allows you to be close to major attractions within minutes. If you are planning to use the service frequently you can buy a tourist pass which allows you to have unlimited travel providing you top it up for a certain number of days. Taxis are also good especially if you need to travel to a place outside the bus or MRT range. Most places within the city are convenient for flagging taxis down. The bus covers many routes in the city and is a very cheap way of getting around. You can use your tourist pass with the bus also.

Nightlife in Singapore:

When it comes to the streetlights lighting up preparing for the night, so do the many bars and clubs in the city. The city completely transforms from day into night and provides something for every kind of taste. Here are a few suggestions:
  • Canvas (Nightclub, neon dancefloor, casual, DJ)
  • 28 Hong Kong street (Cocktail bar, great cocktails, cash only, outdoor seating)
  • BRIX (Good cocktails, casual, good atmosphere)
  • Zouk (Dancing, stylish, great music, great sound, equipped bar)