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Bangkok Short Story

Bangkok: Tour Guide

Bangkok is a clutter of colour and fun with the best street life you will see in the world. It is a city where many things clash and common and remote merge into a fantastic and fascinating city. Until you have eaten the unfamiliar but mouth-watering street food that plays with your taste buds, you have not eaten Thai food. It blends together every different taste you can imagine and is more for the adventurous foodies of you all. If you like your white tablecloths and cutlery laid out on a perfectly square table then Thai street food isn’t the best for you. But if you don’t need that then there is no better destination than Bangkok for your food. In addition to this, all the tasty food won’t break the bank, with very good value for money. With so many places in Bangkok leading to places you would never think of going, it is such a great place to experience the unexpected. End a boat trip with a visit to a floating market or wander down a beaten track and meat a monk. The best part of the city is the complete opposites it brings. You might find an ancient building side by side to a modern temperature-controlled shopping mall or, a Buddhist monk shopping for the latest smartphone. With the city moving into the future this difference will only grow and grow and bring Bangkok its uniqueness.

Top Attractions:

Floating Markets:

The floating markets are a great way to have a true Thai experience. With each stall filled up with exotic fruit and veg, fresh coconut juice and local food, which is cooked right on the boats themselves. You can enjoy the atmosphere of these markets more by taking a guided boat tour around. There are 3 main floating markets. Damnoen Saduak being the most popular. This is a great place for a unique and unusual photo and trying different fresh local foods. An early morning start is advised especially in the summer when it’s hot and sometimes quite busy with locals and tourists trying to make a deal. It is a great way to get out of the centre of Bangkok for a morning. As it is over an hour out of the city, the best way to get there is by an organised tour.

Lumpini Park:

If you have ever been lucky enough to visit the magnificent central park in New York, Lumpini Park is like its sibling. It is by far the largest park in the city. When you have been on busy, congested streets breathing in fumes all day, it is so nice to come to this park and enjoy some luscious greenery and peace. There are a variety of things to do and see in the park itself. Once you have been in the rush of the city for a couple of days you will really appreciate some calm here. When it was developed in the 1920s it was on the outskirts, but due to industrialisation, it has become in the heart of the city making it an easy place to get to. It is a lively location with boats you can rent to drift around the lake or amble around the 1.5 miles of paths it offers. A morning stroll is better advised especially in the summer due to the high temperatures it can get to.

The Grand Palace:

The word ‘Grand’ is not the right word for this place. It should be called the monumental, inspiring palace. This would still be an understatement for this magnificent array of buildings. It is a top attraction in not only Bangkok but Thailand. It has had an essential part in the country’s history since the 18th century. It is not the home to King Rama X there are still religious ceremony’s that happen here throughout the year. This is a place that you must see on any visit to Thailand, just to see the amazing architecture and value it has in the city. If you put aside the other tourists that may be wandering with you, you can enjoy the beautiful artefacts and Thai art that lay inside the palace.

Transport in Bangkok:

Although the locals might not be quite as familiar with public transport as maybe we are there is a vast array of ways to get around the city that are fast and efficient. They do lack etiquette when boarding transport and note that women should not sit by monks on public transport. As they consider the floor dirty they will urge you not to place your bags on the floor. The main two ways are by MRT which is like a metro or, by the BTS which is a Skytrain, which are the most convenient and fastest way to get around. If you would like to flag a taxi down, then look for an illuminated red light. Stick your arm out and wave. This should make them stop.  Tuk Tuk’s are the most iconic way to get around and you need to experience a ride in one to complete your trip. They will try to rip you off but bringing them down on the price always works! Try getting on one of these in the evening or night when pollution isn’t quite so bad.

Nightlife in Bangkok:

The nightlife in the city is buzzing and for a good reason with bars and clubs, you are bound to have a good time. Due to the tall buildings, you will also be able to experience some high rooftop bars too. Here are a few suggestions:
  • Vertigo (rooftop bar)
  • Sky bar (rooftop bar)
  • Maggie Choo's (Bar)
  • The iron fairies (Bar)
  • Ce La Vi (Nightclub)
  • Onyx (Nightclub)