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Rio de Janerio Short Story

Rio de Janerio: A Tour Guide

The city of Olympics, world's sexiest beaches, lush green mountains, urban rainforest and shrine of soccer, Rio is the megacity of Brazil. It is also the 2nd most populous city in the country that seized world’s attention in every World Olympics. Rio is the mystic city that envied the fortitude serenity, cinematic landscape, invigorating sunshine, enticing beaches and colorful culture. It attracts tourists all over the world to experience breathtaking events and inspired fascinations. Fitness and health are considered religiously in the lifestyle of Rio. No matter what you prefer Rio has everything for everyone from the dense mountain to green parks, golden beaches, samba nightlife, spectacular football and vibrant culture. Rio is the proud city of Brazil and offers best attractions even Olympics has been ended.

Best Things to do in Rio

Copacabana beach

The elegance confluence of land and sea, the crinkled beach of Copacabana stretches to 4 km and renders glare of adult pursuits and beach entertainment. You will see soccer players, tourists, and locals while singing native songs and showing their skills at the beach. Lined everywhere, beach vendors with different stalls would have been seen there shouting among tan beach bodies. The crowd gathered near sand stretch enjoy the whirling winds of the sea with surfing at the beach. You would also find hotel name Copacabana Palace here which is dedicated to the gay community. Next, to Copacabana beach, Forte de Copacabana is another tourist place where you can immerse in the quite sand of Leme and discover the mix of kids and locals from nearby slums.

Christ the Redeemer

This is an architectural masterpiece in Rio. Christ the Redeemer is a sacred statue of Jesus which sculpture was created by a French sculptor named Paul Landowski. Constructed by Brazilian Engineer, the face of Christ the Redeemer is inspired by Romanian Sculpture Gheorghe Leonida. The total height of the statue is 30 meters around 98 feet tall. It is estimated that Christ the Redeemer is the almost 2/3rd height of Liberty Statue in America. The weight of the statue is almost 635 metric tons but still placed high in mountains of Corcovado, adjacent to Tijuca National Park. Christ the Redeemer is also included in the Seven Wonders of the World and became a cultural and religious symbol of Rio. The statue is the iconic figure of Christianity for Brazil and whole world simultaneously.

Ipanema beach

It is the most lavish beach in Rio and famous for its upscale living properties. The neighborhoods of Ipanema beach has cutting-edge architecture and social life that entice thousands of visitors. With the help of foreign investment, first-class restaurants and café have built at the waterfront of Ipanema beach. You would watch people enjoying strolling, playing football, volleyball and experiencing different beach hunts. Surfing experience at Ipanema beach is simply amazing among the cavalcade of visitors. Beer is available at every corner of the beach. A gay society also dwells near Ipanema beach in the neighborhood of Rua.

Sugarloaf Mountains

Sugarloaf is the term of topographic landforms on earth that change the shape of hills, mountains, summits, rocks, and inselberg. Following this term, Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio has also the same features of landforms and this is why called Sugarloaf mountains. Located nearby the Guanabara Bay, the peaks of Sugarloaf has extended to the peninsula that extends into the Atlantic Sea.  Sugarloaf is the most intimate tourist attraction in Rio and offers panoramic views of Rio from its summit where you can take a cableway to see and dazzled by towering mountains.

Top Attractions in Rio

Santa Teresa

Without any doubt, Rio has world sumptuous beaches, golden sand, pristine water and lush forests. However, the nearby downtown of Santa Teresa is not a less captivating neighborhood in Rio. With its mellowing mansions of the 19th century and bohemian spirit, Santa Teresa presents a particular vibration to this marvelous city. In past it was a region of some scattered farms and forest but in the 19th century, the town has seen bursting growth and boom. Industrial tycoons have raised grand mansions here that demonstrate the transformation of this city. A roman inspired conduit named the Bonde is the electric tram which is operating here as last street car. The twisted streets of Santa Teresa deliver an awesome view of its gorgeous mansions while traveling and clinging by the Bonde.

Tijuca Forest

An Atlantic rainforest of Rio, Tijuca is the absolute wonder of world’s largest urban forest. Spanning 32 km, the national park of Tijuca is the result of sincere efforts of Emperor Dom who noted deforestation in Rio and ordered to plant Tijuca forest in Rio to secure fresh water for future generations. Tijuana forest renders outstanding panoramas of the city along with Christ Redeemer and Corcodova mountains. It has various picnic points, waterfalls and great walking paths for its visitors. You can explore wildlife too and recognize the heaven of birdlife. Mostly tourists hop a jeep for a day trip in Tijuca forest and amaze by the marvelous tropical urban rainforest of Rio.

Maracanã Stadium

Locally known as Estadio Mario Filho, Maracanã Stadium is the flagship venue for Olympic Games but actually meant to football matches. Maracanã built in 1950 and acclaimed itself as the temple of soccer in Rio. Every year millions of spectators come to Rio to watch Football world Cup in Maracanã Stadium for decades. While strolling around the stadium, do explore the tunnel coming to the field and pay a tribute to legendary heroes of football. Timing to visit Maracanã Stadium is from 9 am to 5 pm and it cost you around $40.

Transport Means in Rio

Getting around Rio is fairly convenient as the city is easy to navigate due to its efficient transport system. There is a number of buses, metro, executive buses like Fresco, minibuses and ferry service to go around and explore what Rio offers. The seasoned travelers who know a little bit Portuguese always used public transport in Rio because of the safe and economical option. Taxi service in Rio also work competently in Rio but their rates depend on the amount of luggage you have. Uber is also safe and half price transport service in Rio but not available at airports.

Nightlife in Rio

Rio knows well how to party. From massive New Year celebrations to the decadent revelry of Carnival, Rio loves to let hair down, drink and dance. World’s provocative pubs and clubs can be found in Rio where city’s favorite party spirit is not difficult to uncover. Here are some of the liveliest bars and clubs listed down to have fun on your trip to Rio de Janerio.
  1. Bip Bip
  2. Carioca da Gema
  3. Casa da Matriz
  4. Rio Scearium
  5. Fosfobox6. Leviano Bar
  6. Fasano
  7. Febarj
  8. Comuna
  9. The Lord Jim Pub