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Barcelona Short Story

Barcelona: Tour Guide

Barcelona is like a never-ending stupor. It has a seamless architecture with a brilliant culture and a magnificent cuisine. What makes the city is that it lays adjacent to the Balearic Sea. With crystal clear waters and soft sandy beaches, why not spend an afternoon in the sun at Playa de la Barceloneta. Rewind 2000 years and see the cities imposed ancient stone buildings and city walls, or fast forward from then 1000 years to the middle ages and the city reveals a gothic quarter, quiet plazas and a piercing 14th-century cathedral. It’s not all old. Have a Look at the modern masterpieces and creations which are architecturally striking. Fancy a bit of art? Visit the world’s famous Pablo Picassos museum and be inspired by his astonishing work. Spain is famous for its food. Especially its small but unique tapas bars, with little bites to eat such as croquettes, which is a favourite for the locals. Or, why not pop into the many El Rincon’s to get a refreshing cup Seville orange juice.

Top attractions:

La Sagrada Familia:

If you don’t have much time on your hands and would like to go to just a few attractions, put this on your list. It is a jaw-dropping experience just when you see it in front of your own eyes. This cathedral is the monument not just of Barcelona but of the whole of Spain. Surprisingly it is still under construction, over a century on, after the architectures death. It is due to be finished in 2026, but some say that this is slightly optimistic due to the sheer complexity of it. Although it is not finished it still attracts 2.8 million tourists a year. Even before the completion of it, some parts are already needing work on them. The pillars create a truly sensational impact on the eye. With pillars shooting up towards the roof before they reach the top they branch out creating the effect of a branching tree. If you want to learn more about the architect, go down below and see some facts about his life and other works. Not to spoil the specialness of this, go to see it for yourself, it is well worth it.

Barcelona Excursion tours:

Whether you want to bike, kayak or walk to explore Barcelona and beyond, excursions do it all. They are a group of guides and adventure seekers that want to make your vacation the best it can be, by giving you detailed information about the city. They are relaxed, exciting and organized. They want to offer something that no other company would offer. Have the reinsurance that you will avoid the big crowds by limiting it to little groups on tours. Experience the history and architecture with their stories to tell. If you want to discover the ancient streets of Barcelona by bike, but don’t want to get tired out. They have it all with electric bikes to suit all needs. Are you a water person? Explore the coast on a kayak or brave the sea by snorkelling and diving down to different depths. They are affordable and fun for couples or families.

Port Olimpic Ice Bar:

Sub-zero temperatures on the coast of Spain? That’s what most people ask. Situated on the Port Olimpic Beach, the ice bar is a different way of enjoying a beer or a cocktail. You will be grateful for an arctic coat and gloves in here it's so cold. You can switch from sweltering hot 30-degree heats within meters to minus temperatures. Drink spirits from frozen glasses or admire the ice statues dotted around the place. This really is an unusual place to go but great if you want to cool off from a hot day sightseeing or sitting on the beach. Opening in 2007 the bar was designed by renowned artists. The temperature is a constant -5 degrees. But don’t worry about getting too cold. Go up to the sun terrace and warm up again. This is a great place to go with friends and family.

Transport in Barcelona:

In Barcelona, there are five main ways of getting around the city. The easiest is probably walking as Barcelona is not as big as you may think and besides, it is free. Walking also has the benefit of being able to see the city much better, rather than being underground. However, if walking is not your thing, that is fine. With a clean, efficient and air-conditioned metro system it can be good in the summer when it is hot and takes you to most major sites and attractions. Or take a taxi around the city which is parked up around the city in most places. It cost about €10 for 15 minutes. Or lastly, you can get the bus which takes you around the city centre.

Nightlife in Barcelona:

Barcelona is famous for its nightlife with a wide variety of bars and clubs to choose from. From tiny little pop-ups to luxury high-end places. Here are a few:
  • Speakeasy (enjoy a cocktail here with a great atmosphere)
  • Marmalade (decorated well, with budget cocktails)
  • Can Paixano (Authentic local bar with good tapas and selection of drinks)
  • Sala Razzmatazz (Big venue with big artists)
  • Pacha Barcelona (World famous club experience)
  • La Terrazza (Open air club)