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Dubai Short Story

Dubai: A Tour Guide

Dubai is the vibrant city of modernity and antiquity where you can behold the traditional souks (markets) and state-of-the-art shopping centres alike. However, it is just an example of Dubai's diversity and unlikeness. Less than a single generation, Dubai has become the symbol of man-made wonders, excellence, Tourism, and contemporary architecture. Nature can also be seen in Safari desert of Dubai while riding a camel, a sand board or jeep and views the scintillating dunes of solitary beauty. Though Dubai is not only holiday destination but a glittering alchemy of heartfelt tradition, formidable futuristic and luster desert.

Best Things to do in Dubai

Feel Cold in Ski Dubai

While its 50 degree outside but you have to wear gloves and a warm hat when riding through the chairlift of Ski Dubai. Are you slope starved expatriate or inquisitive tourists, Ski Dubai will delight you with snowy tilts, penguins, and freezing temperature. The mountain of Ski Dubai is like an insect hill which is challenging to climb especially for beginners but instant fun for intermediate and advanced skiers. Entry ticket is 200 dirham for Ski Dubai in which you will get all the necessary equipment’s including socks, gloves, hats and skis but to meet the resident Gentoo and king penguins, you have to spend some extra dirhams. Located on the 1st floor of Dubai Mall, Ski Dubai is an enthralling activity to do in Dubai.

Soak into the Wild Wadi Waterpark

Get the liquid fun of Dubai at Wild Wadi Park in just 275 dirhams where you can ride in a water roller coaster named Master Blaster, plunge down in Jumeirah Sceirah or tossed into watery alleys. Kids enjoy the mellow waves of the lazy river while frolicking around the huge water playground with small slides, water guns and dropping buckets.  Wild Wadi Park has more than 30 various interconnected rides that follow a hazy Arabian theme of Juha and his friend Sindbad who get shipwrecked together. Usually every Thursday, the waterpark is only opened to women, girls and kids, however, opening hours vary according to the season.

Dazzle by the melodious Dancing Fountain of Dubai

The captivating music, light and water spectacle, set in the middle of the grand lake opposite the glittering Burj Khalifa, Dancing Fountain is worth watching draw in Dubai. The show of dancing fountain continues for 10 to 15 minutes and you can watch this scene while visiting Dubai Mall in evening. The graceful and rippled water perform the elegant belly dance with classical Arabic soundtracks. Not even a single time you will wink while wondering the dancing fountains. Located in Dubai Downtown, Dancing Fountain is the world’s tallest performing fountain and similar to more than 2 pitches of football. The design of Fountain is very unique, comprising five circles of different sizes, arches and featured with powerful nozzles that shoot water up to impressive heights.

Top Attractions of Dubai

Shopping Malls of Dubai

Dubai mall is the largest shopping mall in Dubai with over 1200 stores, food courts, restaurants, Kidzania, Film Theatre, underwater zoo and aquarium where you need to pay a few dirhams to spend and then visit thoroughly. In the proximity of Dubai Mall, you can enjoy with fountain Dance show near Burj Khalifa as both magnificent structures are nearby. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world with 163 floors. This mega tall skyscraper can be viewed from 60 miles in Dubai and you can observe the whole city from its 123rd deck by paying the minimum amount of 200 dirhams. The 2nd biggest multi-level mall of Dubai is the Mall of Emirates with numerous retail and brands shops, cafés and restaurants, community theatre, Magic planet and most famous Ski Dubai resort. City Centre Deira, IBN_Batuta shopping mall and old markets of Bur Dubai are also the famous shopping centres of Dubai that need at least two days to explore and enjoy.

Beaches of Dubai

The most famous beaches of Dubai are Kite Beach, Jumeirah Beach, Barasti Beach and Al-Mamzar Beach Park. All of them are adorned with modern amenities, swimming pools, restaurants, volleyball courts and bike riding. You can consume whole day while traversing these beaches and can savour a quality time of your trip. Nearby Jumeirah, you can also visit Burj-Al_Arab Hotel which is another majestic edifice of Dubai but quite expensive to visit and enjoy.

Bur Dubai

This is the classical and historical district of the Dubai where you can see the past of this glorious city. In the evening, the whole area lit up with cultural restaurants, sheesha lounges, spice market and Gold Souk. The traditional and beautiful facades of Bur Dubai include Grand Mosque, country’s only Temple, Al-Fahdi Fort, Dubai Museum and multi-story buildings that render you an insight of Arabic culture and how it evolved.  Dubai port is also in the proximity and you can enjoy boating, dining and folkloric dance from Abra Boat Station.

Transport Service in Dubai

When you step out the Dubai international airport, the first thing to do is to purchase NOL card, available at the metro station, adjacent to the airport in 25 dirhams only. Use this card for all kinds of your transport needs in Dubai except Taxi. The metro service is divided into two lines named green and red lines. The green line is used to interconnect only without any fare. You can also purchase an NOL card of almost 300 dirhams that will give you unlimited travelling access within the city. The bus service in Dubai is also contemporary and convenient and available near all metro stations. However, taxi service is costly in Dubai but easily available everywhere in the city for a customized trip. Dubai Airport is also serving millions of passengers each day with the best quality, service, extravaganza lounges and lavish shopping opportunities.

Nightlife in Dubai

Dubai claimed world famous recognition due to its nightlife. The city has much to offer for late night entertainment and pursuits. World known clubs, pubs, artists and DJs can be found readily in Dubai such as David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Nicky Minaj, Katy Perry, Chris Brown and many more. Most of the bars and nightclubs in Dubai are located in hotels or nearby big hotels. The crowd of clubs varies from one venue to another like eastern and western origins and packed on Thursday and Friday nights when the weekend starts. If you plan to visit Dubai club, be warned that drinking is not allowed under 21 years age and must show a passport to get an entry in club.
  1. Sensation Club
  2. Cavalli Club, Restaurant & Lounge, Dubai
  3. WHITE Dubai
  4. N'dulge Nightclub
  5. 360°
  6. Barasti Beach
  7. XL Dubai
  8. Zero Gravity Dubai
  9. Buddha Bar
  10. Rock Bottom
  11. Stereo Arcade
  12. Societe Dubai