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San Francisco Short Story

San Francisco: A Tour Guide

The most dramatic, modern and techiest city of California, San Francisco is the marvelous city with countless ventures. The city is filled with enormous parks, restaurants, skylines, gardens, sea sides and much more that no one can miss while visiting San Francisco. So let's have an intense love affair with this city and explore what it has to offer.

Things to do in San Francisco:

San Francisco is the heart of cultural, traditional, commercial and financial activities in northern California. It is not only the 2nd highest populated city of America but also the home of California Gold Rush in the west coast. Here you can taste an assortment of flavors due to the diverse cultures and cuisines. You would be fortunate if you visit this amazing city once and explore how many things you can do.

View San Francisco above the sky at Golden Gate Bridge

Straddling majestically at the mouth of Bay, Golden Gate Bridge is the eye-catching stop of the city that entices millions of visitors every year. Here you can touch the clouds and feel above the sky. The 750 feet high bridge is one of the masterpiece architecture in the world and connects San Francisco with the neighboring headlands. A pedestrian walkway bridge is also linked to it from where you can see all the embracing views of the bay and across the Pacific Ocean.

Go across the waterfronts of Fisher Man’s Wharf

This is the most visited place in the city by locals and tourists together due to the numerous and exotic combination of restaurants, shops and bars on the bay. Located at the northern end of Embarcadero waterfronts, Fisherman’s Wharf is the place where you can relax, eat and indulge yourself with street performances or just enjoy the beautiful views of waterfronts. Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the liveliest tourist places in San Francisco and also best known for its prominent attractions such as Cannery shopping Centre, Ghirardelli Square, Wax Museum and San Francisco national Historic Park.

Relax in the tranquil ambience of Golden Gate Park

It is said that 13 million people visit Golden Gate Park each year because of the scenic lush green fields, lakes, picnic spots, playgrounds and gardens spanning 1,017 acres. The calendar of park always has plethora of activities and events that take place here. Even you can book the park for your own wedding event and take stunning photographs.

Take an escape at Alcatraz Island

Sitting ominously at the bay, Alcatraz Island is just the antithesis of San Francisco. Now it has become a popular attraction for those who want to escape the bustling city or just departed Fisherman’s Wharf. In past, it was the home of American prisoners but now the steel and concrete have turned into beautiful gardens and piercing wires have changed into wildflowers.

Enjoy a day trip to Presidio of San Francisco

Former a military base and today’s flourishing park, Presidio located at the northern tip of San Francisco and come under the Golden Gate Recreation Area. While standing at the park, you can see the majesty Golden Gate Bridge along the Pacific Ocean. Presidio is also known as a historical landmark of California.

Best Tourist Places in San Francisco

Union Square

The finest shopping area of San Francisco and heart of downtown, Union Square is the famous district. The square is world famous for its cable cars, hotels, theatres and abounding shopping plaza which are composed of several blocks. During the civil war of America, the square got the name because of the rallies that held to support the Army Union. Now it became one of the largest shopping areas in the city, upscale dining, art galleries but Union Square is unquestionably a place to sit back and watch the people in a laidback ambience.


Replete with bustling activities, food stores, and diverse culture, Chinatown is another worth watching place in San Francisco. Here you will see exotic food stalls in alleyways that cooked and present in a novel and surprising manner. The town has largest Chinese communities in the north of America. With little bit Asian Mystique, Chinatown of San Francisco is also the oldest town in the city with glorious past and strong cultural influence. Chinese culture and ethnic are continuously preserving here with their traditions, customs, clubs, worship places and language.


This is another busiest waterfront roadway in San Francisco that go through the city port. Embarcadero is the Spanish name that means a point to embark. Initially, it was constructed as masterminded seawall on a reclaimed land but today it contains one of the most famous landmarks of San Francisco such as Market Street, Oakland Bay Bridge and San Francisco Ferry Building. In short, Embarcadero is the essential tourist fascination in the city.

Lombard Street

Resting precariously in east-west of San Francisco, Lombard Street is a well-known tourist appeal of the city. The layout of the street is a steep, rugged and one-block segment with bizarre turns. Lombard Street named after surveyor of San Francisco, Jasper O’ Farrell. It is also known as the most crook street in the world due to the odd pathways and edged curves. However, this one-way rolling road surrounded by grand Victorian Mansions draws millions of tourists every year.

Pier 39

Pier 39 contains some of the best views of San Francisco Bay and a royal residency of sealines who can be seen here while basking for more than 20 minutes. All the year round, you can enjoy numerous events and activities that captivate flocks of tourists here. It is also a famous shopping Centre with numerous brands, stores that attract people with an amalgam of shops, restaurants, video arcade, street performances, virtual 3D rides. The aquarium bay is also another amazing place of Pier 39 where you can see jellyfishes in the marine natural environment.

Palace of Fine Arts

Amidst Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf, the palace of fine arts is also positioned with all its grandeur and beauty. Constructed in 1915, this palace was an eminent artwork of that era. The palace is also one of the finest surviving structures of the Panama-Pacific Exposition that still lives in its original design. The whole Palace is surrounded by the peaceful lagoon, covered with flora and fauna and built-in roman-Greek styled architecture. The palace of fine arts is the serene and tranquil place for a day trip and afternoon stroll.

Transportation of San Francisco

San Francisco is the city of 49 sq. miles long boulevards, curvy streets, a lot of hills, and secluded alleyways. However, the city has most convenient and affordable public transport that gives you an opportunity to get around without car or taxi. Driving in San Francisco is not only challenging but costly as well due to the parking fees. BART is the most inexpensive public rail transport around the city. Just buy a ticket and scan again when you reach your destination. Apart from BART, cable cars, shuttle service, taxi service and shared rides are also very popular in San Francisco for daily commuting. Once you there, do visit the official transport site for convenient transport modes in the city.

Nightlife in San Francisco

The nightlife of San Francisco is another open-minded and innovating side of the city. No doubt the city has much to see and enjoy but you can still marvel when the sun goes down. The nightlife has an amazing match of daytime activities and attractions for visitors and residents alike. So if you are looking some hippy fun by the bay in late hours then head straight to any of these neighborhoods.
  1. The Office Bar
  2. Monarch
  3. Bootie SF
  4. F8 Nightclub and Bar
  5. The View Lounge
  6. The Beer Pong Lounge
  7. Carbon Lounge
  8. Hawthorn