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Moscow Short Story

Moscow: Tour Guide

Moscow, a city that thrills people every time. Any day and any hour visitors are stunned simply by its history, art and magnificence. The river is like a mirror to the city reflecting the vibrant colours the city creates. The almost founder of the city and some would say the country is the Kremlin and Red Square which are still in the spirit of Moscow today. Feel these places shiver through you, as you walk through the ancient walls of them and pay attention to the outstanding St Basil Cathedral as you pass by. Moscow all starts here with Kremlin and Red Square. The remains of the Soviet state are scattered around the city. Monuments mark places where heroic figures who battled and fell, while the museums attempt to analyse why this happened. Learn more about the depths of the city’s history and learn about the cold war by visiting the Bunker 42 cold war museum. Bars and cafes are available in the surrounding areas for you to experience the Russian décor decorating the interiors. You could even be watching the elegant, gravity-defying ballerinas or gasping at the circus stunts that the performers perform under the tent. The Architecture is simply astounding in Moscow. Everything is built and made to faultless levels. It helps to define Russia and has a significant effect on the atmosphere of the city.

Top Attractions:

The Kremlin:

The Landmark that not only defines the city but defines the whole country. It sweeps across the sky high and low and has unbelievable architecture across the building. It shows the political power that was once present in the orthodox church and indeed has shown the best and worst that modern-day presidents have done. It lays on the north bank of the river enrobed with 2.25km high walls and Red square to the east of the walls. The best views from outside the complex are from directly across the river where a good photo opportunity awaits. Tickets which are just under $9 to enter, cover you for all five church museums and palaces, although it doesn’t include the bell tower. Inside the walls, photography is not permitted and there is a bag drop for free on the left before entering.

Red Square:

Bang on outside the Kremlin sits Red Square at the heart of Moscow which is covered in 23.1 square meters of cobblestone. St Basils Cathedral is the focal point at the south end of the square, with the panorama never failing to disappoint the many visitors it gets each year, especially at night. The word ‘Krasnaya’ in the name which means red but in old Russian means beautiful really doesn’t do this place justice as it really is more than just beautiful. It is an honour to stroll across the square where so much Russian history has taken place. Be careful that you don’t catch the square when there is a celebration or rehearsal taking place as this can interrupt your schedule so allow it some leeway.

Gorky Park:

When you hear the name Gorky Park you might think ‘Oh, just another complex of plants, trees and sculptures dotted around’. But no, Gorky Park has so much more excitement to offer than that. It is the city’s main escape where you can relax and enjoy both culture and leisure as it suggests in the full name, ‘Maxim Gorky's Central Park of Culture and Leisure’. It was designed in the 1920’s and was originally a fun fair. It showcases all the recent developments and improvements Moscow as undertaken in the last few years. You can enjoy rollerblading right through to beach volleyball at the park. There are places in the park where you can rent this equipment. Or, be lucky enough to catch the park at a time in Winter where the ponds have flooded and frozen, which turns it into the biggest ice-skating rink in the city. Festivals and exhibitions pop up throughout the year too.

Transport in Moscow:

Moscow has a large, well-developed transport system that consists of metros buses, trams and taxis. Just like most other city’s you can buy a travel card or smart card which allows you to have unlimited travel for a certain number of days. The metro is the quickest and cheapest way to get around. It is usually the most reliable with 177 stations and 12 lines, transporting 9.5 million passengers a day. It runs 5.25am to 1 am 7 days a week. Buses are also a good form of transport and are most commonly used. There are 1,000 different routes across the city, ensuring you get to any place in the most comfortable way possible. Buses in more remote places will stop if you want it to. The screen inside displays the next stops. Tramways is the safest way to get around, but some are not in use. However, they are working to get this fixed and express tramway which will be much faster. Taxis are quick and easy but slightly more expensive and not as safe.

Nightlife in Moscow:

Moscow never sleeps. The locals love to party. There are so many bars and clubs to party the night away with a great atmosphere and good vibe. Here is a list of a few:
  • Night Flight (Spacious nightclub, Russian food, many dancefloors)
  • 02 lounge (late night food, outdoor eating, casual)
  • Timeout (rooftop bar, cosy, good cocktails)
  • Gogol (café and bar, good décor, Russian food)