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Florence Short Story

Florence: Tour Guide

Florence is an irresistibly romantic, captivating city that offers so much to you although, you physically can’t take it all. You will be astonished at its phenomenal food and Tuscan cuisine that you really will want to take home. There are little city’s in the world that are so compact like Florence that is packed with architecture and masterpieces so much. What makes Florence so unique is it is so unchanged ever since the renaissance which makes it have a slight cinematic feel to it. It has elegant cobbled streets that trigger so many different thoughts in your head. The city is full of beautiful objects and sculptures as well as art museums that go above and beyond anything else. With all these things you might not be surprised that the centre is a world heritage site. Shopping in Florence has been rich in style and unique for a long time. There are few designer shops and brands in Florence but more family-run boutiques along the backstreets. They are proud of their culinary history of locally sourced seasonal quality produce. The added creativity of new young chefs adds a slight edge onto the tastes you will experience on the streets. There are so many must-sees in Florence one of them being the colours it creates a sunset. You would never be able to count the number of colours it can create.

Top Attractions:


The city’s most iconic landmark will not fail to impress. The incredible architecture having vivid pinks, whites and greens it’s elegant bell tower certainly is the headline of the cityscape. It started to be developed in 1296 and took nearly 150 years to build. Look out for the incredible interior featuring 44 stained-glass windows. There were many architects of the building making it a vast collection of different designs in different areas. It spans across 155m by 90m having the artistic features of it taken away over time and out in the Museo dell Opera del Duomo. There is a staircase near the main entrance leading you down to the gift shop and crypt which you can visit Monday to Saturday.

Gelato Bar:

You will have heard about gelato from all over the world. It started in the 16th century where Italians discovered it. It contains much more flavour than normal ice creams making it have such a nice taste. You can taste so many flavours of Gelato and with so many different bars around in Florence, you can take your pick. Although there are many, Grom has been seriously upgraded having seasonal flavours and the special Crema di Grom. You might even have to get a new belt after being here for a week or so. So, it’s a good job there are many leather shops around!

Uffizi Gallery:

Although it may take you a little while initially on getting into the museum through the metal detectors, when getting into the museum you will be astonished by what the museum unveils. It is arranged into a complex of rooms filled with amazing art displayed along the building. It was actually never created to be a museum but Cosimo de Medici had trusted his architect to a grand creation of offices and a vast theatre hence the name Uffizi which literally means ‘Offices’. It invites up to 10,000 people a day. The halls on the top floor were originally only accessible for the Ducal family and special guests. It is a good visit for art fans or to discover some Italian art history.

Transport in Florence:

Getting around a city has never been easier than travelling around Florence. With the variety of quick and affordable options available you will get to places within minutes. This transport included buses, trams, taxis, hire cars and rental bikes. The buses in the city are run by ATAF. They are either orange or new ones are purple and white. Unfortunately, buses do not run through the night and roads are often closed but if you want to travel late or early, trams run between 5.30 am and 12.00 am. They call at 14 different points and a journey from one end to the other will take about 25 minutes. Taxis are an option, but you will need to book in advance to secure your trip. Navigating the city by bike is a great way to see the city from the outside and get a closer look at it you can rent a bike from several places scattered across the city and are usually very cheap.

Nightlife in Florence:

Being the one of the best city’s in Italy to go and have a good night out, you are sure to have a great night out in Florence whether its partying or having a casual drink. There are a few suggestions here on some nightclubs and bars:
  • Public house 27 (Bar games, casual, Great cocktails)
  • The Blob Club (Great Cocktails, nightclub, good for groups)
  • Mayday Club (Bar, vintage furniture, cosy)
  • Space Electronic Disco (Nightclub, good dance space, fun time)
  • The Friends Pub (Bar, beers, locals, live music)