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Tokyo Short Story

Tokyo: A Travel Guide

The capital city of Japan and the most populated city in the world, Tokyo is the city of brilliant and prosperous future. Originally named Edo, Tokyo flourished after Tokugawa Ieyasu emperor in 1603. It has been the center of politics, culture and financial activities and grew into a huge city that never sleeps. The city offers apparently infinite choices of shopping, entertainment, and dining to its visitors and residents both. Though a large section of the city was destroyed in the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 and in the air invasions of 1945. Now Tokyo has become the city of skylines and green spaces with an exotic range of parks, museums, shopping malls and tourist attractions.

Best Things to do in Tokyo

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Shinjuku Gyoen is the most popular and largest park of Tokyo. Halfway from Shinjuku station, the park is settled with spacious lawns, rambling walking paths, and tranquil landscape while rendering peaceful escape from the urban life around. To watch cherry blossoms in Tokyo, Shinjuku Gyoen is the best place in the spring season. During the period of Edo, this park was originated as feudal lord’s residence in Tokyo. Later, it converted into a botanical garden and then became a recreation point for royal family and their guests. In the World War 2 Park was completely devastated but then rebuilt and reopened for the public in 1949.

Meiji Jingu Shrine

Meiji Shrine is the revered shrine of Emperor Meiji and his Queen Shokeen. Located near Harajuku Station, the shrine and adjacent park have made up a large forested area within the densely populated city. Meiji shrine offers plenty of spacious paths and tracks for a relaxing stroll. During the world war, the shrine also damaged but rebuilt and resumed shortly for the public. Emperor Meiji was the emperor of modern Japan who ascended to the throne when feudal era came to an end and country modernized and westernized herself as a major world power. The Emperor died in 1912 but to honor his spirit shrine was built in 1920.


The leading entertainment spot of Tokyo, Asakusa is the heart of Shitamachi district which is popular for past perseveres in the city. The main attraction of Asakusa is the Buddhist temple of the 7th century that can be accessed via Nakemise, a popular shopping street, providing a variety of traditional objects to visitors of the temple with local snacks and tourist souvenirs for ages. You can explore Asakusa by foot but a guided tour of the rickshaw is also available. In 30 minutes you can go around at 450 yen per head. From Edo period till today, Asakusa has been popular for entertainment, movie theatre and even as red light area.

Top Attraction of Tokyo

Tsukiji Fish Market

This is the largest wholesale market for fish, fruits, and vegetable in Tokyo. The most famous Tsukiji Fish Market is the biggest markets in the city that handle delivery of food and flowers in Tokyo.  The market is also famous for managing more than 2000 tons of marine product at daily basis. Fresh seafood of many kinds, sellers, buyers, trucks, and scooters hurrying around, made this, market a popular tourist attraction. The growing number of tourists in recent years has complicated the daily course of business even as the decaying infrastructure of the market cannot serve as tourist spot all the time.


Once a local shrine, Akihabara is the central district of Tokyo and locally named as Akiba. In recent times, it earned recognition due to the abundant electronic shops and Japan's Otaku culture. The main street of Akiba named Chou Dori remains closed for car traffic on Sunday, so if you visiting Tokyo than plan accordingly. Akhibara has undergone many expansions and development over the years. The new buildings and Akhibara station are also the results of this development. Among these newly build facades, the Yodobashi Electronic store is the magnificent one. The Akhibara Crossified is the largest business complex in Tokyo and built to promote this district as the center of global electronic trade and technology.

Koishikawa Korakuen

Koishikawa Korakuen is one of the oldest and beautiful Japanese garden in Tokyo, built in Edo period 1600. Tokugawa family had originated this garden in their residency. Like many other strange names of Tokyo’s attraction, Korakuen was also named after a poem verses in which a ruler encouraged to enjoy the pleasure after the achieving happiness of his people. However, Koishikawa is the district of Tokyo where the garden is located. The garden draws a crowd of tourists and locals to enjoy the serene atmosphere in the bustling life of the city.

Imperial Palace

Located at the former site of Edo castle, the imperial palace was the residence of the imperial family. Surrounded by the large park and dazzled with moats and massive stone walls, the palace is just a short walk from Tokyo station. The Edo castle used the throne of Tokugawa Shogun Emperor who rules Japan from 1603 to 1868. The current structure of Palace was built in 1888 but World War 2 had destroyed it too but fortunately, it rebuilt again with the same architectural style. From the entrance of the palace, visitors can view two bridges named Nijubashi, one from the front and other from the backside. Both bridges have a different interpretation and render amazing views of the palace as the best tourist attraction in Tokyo.

Transport in Tokyo

The city has two main airports that handle major air traffic including domestic and international flights. Railway system of Tokyo is also excellent and popular by the name of Shinkansen lines. Direct trains from and to Tokyo are also available to travel around the city. Tokyo has modern and efficient modes of transport which are densely covered by trains, subway and bus lines. Most prominent train line in Tokyo is JR Yamanote Line that connects the city with multiple destinations. Subway network and Tokyo metro are working together and provide travelling services to central Tokyo. You can buy Prepaid IC cards from any shop to get around Tokyo and use it in any train or bus for daily travel.

Nightlife in Tokyo

With all big cities, Tokyo does not sleep early. At daylight, you can do attractive businesses, dine and shop but as the sun sets hotspot nightlife started in the city. An array of joyful and entertaining bars, pubs, clubs, Karaoke, restaurants and cocktail joints welcome you in the contemporary and open-minded Tokyo. Check out best places below to celebrate your nights in Tokyo.
  1. Womb
  3. Atom Tokyo
  4. Blue Note Tokyo
  5. V2 TOKYO Nightclub
  6. Tokyo Loose
  7. Tantra Tokyo
  8. Burlesque Tokyo
  9. Star Club