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Amsterdam Short Story

Amsterdam: A Tour Guide

The artistic heritage and capital city of Netherlands, Amsterdam is one of the picturesque and smallest cities of the world. The popular spectacles of Amsterdam treasure are golden age Canal, tilting edifices, wine-filled shops, history-packed museums, creative design, drinking and dining scenes.  You will find surprising and amazing attractions in Amsterdam such as tiny esoteric garden, a fascinating boutique selling home wares, a Dutch distillery, a flower shop full of tulips, an old monastery, classical music venue, exotic restaurants, art galleries, cutting-edge start-ups, hottest clubs of Europe and everything that a tourist looks for.

Best Things to do in Amsterdam


This is the finest Dutch National Museum In the world which is dedicated to arts and history of Amsterdam. Located near the Museum Square of Amsterdam in South, Rijksmuseum has stuffed with works of national heroes Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh along with 7500 other masterpieces. Do visit Rijksmuseum while visiting Amsterdam but come before 10 am or after 3 pm to avoid big crowds. However, you can pre-book tickets of the museum through online mediums as well that provides fast-track entry.

Anne Frank Huis

This is the most cherished draw of Amsterdam and more than one million visitors came to see Anne Frank Huis every year. This place contains wonderful experience of Anne’s gloomy bedroom, her alone sitting a place and the quiet despair that filled with something mysterious. You have to choose a time slot and purchase an online ticket to avoid any trouble while visit Anne Frank Huis. Only Online ticket holders can visit this place until 3:30 pm. You may also choose other adjacent places to visit like Westermarkt and extension to the museums while paying a visit to the house.

Science Center NEMO

NEMO is the science center in Amsterdam and perched atop at the entrance of IJ Tunnel. You can't miss this slanted green copper building in your trip to Amsterdam. Designed by the famous Italian architect Renzo Piano, the Science Center is amazingly surrounded by Water and its rooftop has marvelous views of the city. Hands-on exhibits that displayed with water and wind inside the museum showcase an inquisitive mayhem. Inside the museum everything is so interactive such as pulley that uplift you while making bubbles and the lights divided into many colors, trace your shadow and give you a teenage mind that eagerly discovers everything in the Science Center.

Tourist Attraction in Amsterdam


Known as Dutch Disneyland, Efteling is the fantastic themed Amusement Park. Located in the far-reaching town of Kaatsheuvel in the Netherlands, Efteling attracts more than four million visitors around the year in Amsterdam. The park offers exciting and promising day trip activities such as huge rides, walk through entertainment with robots, fairy tales, live shows and fantastic performances by the talented artists and kids.


Overflowed with cozy pubs, art galleries and markets, Jordaan is the former workers quarter and neighborhood in the Amsterdam.  The whole district has unbelievable heritage sites that packed into the grid of tiny lanes, especially the conventional sights of this area are most eye-catching and presents a wonderful atmosphere for an unplanned stroll. Jordaan touches the Western border where industrial badland resided once. But it has transformed into an innovative and impressive cultural heart of Amsterdam where visitors came to get an escape from the bickering of urban life.

Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

The oldest surviving building and oldest church, Oude Kerk is the 800 years old masterpiece façade in Amsterdam.  Build in 1306, it is an intrigued moral variance where a church is surrounded by the active red light District. Inside the building, experience the stunning Vater-Muller organ, 15th-century carvings on choir stalls and renowned tombstone of Amsterdammers. The museum has the arrangement of regular art exhibitions that take place in the church. Hence you can climb up the tower with the help of a guide as well. Remember you can only enter the church if you have credit or debit card for entry ticket as cash is not acceptable here.

Transport Network in Amsterdam

Amsterdam housed a well-organized and cultured system of the transport network to get around the city. The railway service of Amsterdam is the fastest and cost-effective mode of transport from the airport to hotel and all over the city. Transportation by car or taxi is discouraged in Amsterdam due to soaring fees for parking and affordable public transport that consists of Bus, Metro, Tram, and Ferry Routes. As the city has best and beautiful canals then waterways are also made to navigate Amsterdam into mini islands, bridges and water routes. Transport of industrial goods over the canals are also operated by the water transport in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Nightlife

Early evening hours of Amsterdam are very busy and herds of visitors and locals came together in streets and squares of the city. The Red Light District of Amsterdam has always infected by groups of people who look at call girls in glass windows and activate many hormones at once. Nearby the Dam Square, small and big cafes, bars and restaurants are also in abundance to have a great evening in Amsterdam. Stadsschouwburg is the city theatre near Leidseplein and also offers many other entertainment spots including cinemas, casinos and pubs. For more pleasure, you can get nightlife ticket which is valid for 7 days to get free entrance in Amsterdam Clubs along with free shots, cocktails, beers and bowling.
  1. Bourbon Street
  2. Chicago Social Club
  3. Jimmy Woo
  4. Café Hill Street Blues
  5. Bitterzoet
  6. Red Light Bar
  7. Pacific Parc
  8. Cafe Belgique
  9. Eagle Amsterdam
  10. Cotton Club