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Budapest Short Story

Budapest: Tour guide

Budapest is like an adventure. It is perfect for all of you who like an adventure. Keep alert and every step you take you will discover something exciting and new. The enchanted city wasn’t all just ‘put there’, but people also had a part to play in the sculpture of the wonderfully created city. The city is engineered in such an astonishing way. Budapest has something to satisfy everyone. Something that is so amazing about Budapest is that you get the historic feel and ancient buildings almost the same today. Experience the feel of the bullet holes and shrapnel from world war two. It so much the same you almost feel like you have gone back to the 20th century. There are depressing reminders of the past but also positive feelings too, ones of hope that the future of Budapest holds. With one of the most complex cooking styles in Europe, the food will not fail to impress.

Top Attractions:

Rudas Baths:

Built in the mid-14th century, with very historical features such as an octagonal pool, coloured glass and colossal columns, these baths are a real winner. Whether you’re more interested in bathing or swimming, you can do both. Don’t want to get wet? Choose from a wide of treatments from the newly built wellness centre with a big list of massages. Budapest is one of the few cities in the world to have thermal water, so why not make use of it? Go to the panoramic rooftops to admire the view. If you want the full relaxation experience be sure to get here early in the morning.

Parliament Building:

With intricate design and style, this is one of the largest buildings in Hungary. This is home to many parliamentary offices and political debates. However, to get the full picture of this special building, you need to go to the other side of the river Danube. It is certainly well worth the viewing. You can get a tour of certain parts of the building which run daily. The domed neo-gothic structure was enthused by the British parliament, it serves as a famous landmark not only across the city but across Europe.

Margaret island:

This island sits in the middle of the Danube river and is 2.5 km long, which is about twenty-five football pitches long. It is covered in parkland and exhibits such as fountains. You can discover the stunning island via self-powered vehicles such as a pedal boat or golf cart which you can hire from various companies. If you are among the people who love to run, you’re in luck. There is a 5.5km running track around the perimeter of the island which is often a popular place where joggers go for a peaceful morning run, away from the rush of the city. Or enjoy listening to classical music whilst you watch the fountains dance around in time to it at ‘music fountain’.

Transport in Budapest:

Most of Budapest is within walking distance from place to place. Is very pedestrian friendly with some parts specialised for pedestrians. So, walking could be the best way to get around. However, various things may restrict people to walk or some people may just be tired or even you might just fancy a ride somewhere. If this is the case, not to worry it has a fantastic transportation system. You might notice that most of the streets are lined with many cables. This is because Budapest has a great system of trams. Why not ride the world’s longest tram ride? Ride trams 4 or 6 from first stop to last and you will have completed the worlds longest tram ride. Budapest is also equipped with a fats clean and efficient metro system, taking you all around the city. Even if you are coming from the suburbs. No need to worry as you can get the suburban railway into the city that run regularly.

Nightlife in Budapest:

If you like to go out into the town and get the best of nightlife and partying, then Budapest has a wide range of options to suit everyone. There are a variety of trendy bars and clubs with hole in the wall bars too. Ruin bars tend to be on the top of most people’s list combing open air and retro they bring everything to a higher level. Whatever you’re after I am sure you will find it. Here are a few ideas of different bars and clubs you could visit.


  • The enchanted forest (good atmosphere, a variation of 8 bars and 4 dancefloors in an abandoned residential area.)
  • Underground above the city (Party however you party, starts chilled out and turns into dancing for hours)
  • Budapest boat party (2-hour booze adventure on the Danube, don’t stop after the boat, you are lead to the best club in town)


  • TukTuk (Small and cosy with great range of cocktails, good service)
  • Doboz (Many great bars with good range of drinks)
  • Pharma bar (Cute and cosy cocktail bar with great range of cocktails)