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Brussels Short Story

Brussels: Tour Guide

Brussels shows off the brilliant architecture of Belgium like no other city in the country. The capital has many contrasts throughout. It's powerful yet ludicrous and it is confident but shy. It is a captivating city that runs all over the place. In places, it can be complex and modern but also it can be modern and complex. It is the capital of the EU with its HQ being there and many political meetings taking place there also. Its interesting art bounces off the walls of 1960’s buildings littered around the city. All of this is entangled in one of the most stunning squares in the world, Grand Palace. A good quality that the city offers is just its everyday quality of life. Although the capital does not go out its way to impress anyone. Anytime you visit Brussels it will be the same as any other usual day for the locals.

Top Attractions:

Grand Palace:

Grand Palace is one of the most beautiful places you could visit in the world. If you like times square this will be something else to you. It has an unforgettable architecture that has so much detail and beauty to it. Although it is almost hiding with only 6 cobbled side streets to get to it, as soon as you walk out into the open square you will be amazed. If you want the best approach with lots of picture opportunity’s, then Rue de Harengs is the street to come down. The biggest centre of attention is the spired 15th-century city hall although there are other buildings around the square that have their own magic. The square hosts a variety of great cafés. The scene at night here is also worth a visit and on Monday Wednesday and Fridays mornings, there is a flower market, with seasonal markets at Christmas etc.

Train World:

If you are a Train lover, Train Spotter, Train fanatic or even just want to know a bit about trains then this attraction is worth a visit. It demonstrates how the railways have evolved past, present and future. If you’re thinking it’s just another boring railway museum this is far from it, they are more like a train spectacle. You can spend the day there and learn about the wonderful story of trains and discover unique parts of Belgium’s railway history. They will show you how the train culture has evolved and what they are looking at towards the future. Train world is located at Schaerbeek station which is one of Belgium’s most original and iconic stations. The station together with the museum structure creates an interesting and educated day out in Brussels.

Shopping in Brussels:

Whether it’s a long vacation away or a short spontaneous break, it would not be complete without a bit of shopping. It is a great way to pass time if it is a rainy day or you want to spend a bit of money. The city has a wide variety of places to shop ranging from antiques to designer fashion. For any antique fanatic, the antique markets in Place du Grand Sablon are a great place to browse or try and hunt out that antique you’ve always been looking for. You can always find a good bargain and negotiate prices at flea markets. You can rummage around to find all sorts here. Belgium Chocolates are a must buy as they taste incredible, with even some containing edible real gold. The galleries are a good place to go for designer fashion. The three main ones are Galeries Saint Hubert, Galeries du Roi and Galeries de la Reine. They are even worth visiting for the phenomenal glass roof they showcase.

Transport in Brussels:

You can access places very easily by the public transport network in Brussels. The options that are on offer are train, tram, bus metro and even waterbus. The ticket you buy can be bought from large metro stations which are open during busy hours or even shops, but you will have to know what you want if you go into a shop asking for a ticket. GO machines also have tickets but can sometimes be hard to use. You can use the same ticket on bus, metro and tram. There are 4 metro lines which run every 3 minutes and peak times, every 5 at weekends and after 8 pm every 10 minutes. Buses are good if you’re not near a metro station as they are in many places. Trams are very similar to the buses and metro, but they are slightly slower than the metro and more frequent than buses. Trains are convenient for longer distances such as day trips to other Belgium city’s.  Water buses are good and comfortable but only run between Vilvoorde Centrum and Sainctelette.

Nightlife in Brussels:

The Nightlife is slightly quieter and less full on than some other European city’s. Although, saying this there are still some good places to relax and go dancing. There is a focus on nightclubs with good music and drinks. There is a few here which are good places to go:
  • Fuse (Nightclub renowned for techno music, 1200 person capacity)
  • Your Night Club (Great cocktails, casual)
  • The Music Village (Good jazz club and music, cosy)
  • La reserve (good for groups and cocktails)