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New York Short Story

New York City: Tour Guide

You are walking along the busy streets of neon and lights and beeping taxis. You look skywards, and your mouth just opens in astonishment. For most of you, a trip to the empire state will probably be on your bucket list. If you were going to limit yourself to 5 or so of its attractions and things to see, you would be missing out on such much that the city has to offer. Downtown NYC or anywhere outside this area in NYC is a dream destination for couples wanting a romantic weekend away or for families looking to go shopping and visit Central Park. It is for those who admire stunning architecture mixed up with the great feel of Mother Nature. The big Hudson River heads down through New York and into the Atlantic Ocean. The river is a place to get away from the rush and feel some peace and quiet or take a stroll beside it. A visit to any part of the Hudson River is a must for any visitor to the city. Think you’re going for a city break? It’s not all just big skyscrapers and busy traffic. Relax on the sandy beaches of Long Island just south of the city to get the best of both worlds and some wonderful views.

Top Attractions:

The stature of Liberty:

For this very popular and stunning attraction, you must book your tickets at least up to 6 months before your visit, to be able to access liberty’s crown and the outstanding views it offers. If you don’t manage to get these tickets, then do not worry as you will be able to access the grounds by purchasing a ferry ticket which also provides a good view as well. You can also hire a tour guide to take you around the statue. Made in 1865 the statue was for France and the USA. It is recognised as a sign of opportunity and freedom to many people today. A French sculpture travelled to NYC to decide where he would build it. After the 10 years in Paris designing the figure, it was then shipped to NYC and put up on a small island in the harbour. It is structurally made of an Iron skeleton and a copper outside attached to it. The 146 stairs up to the crown are not for anyone who is not fond of fitness as it really can make you breathless. You can also visit the neighbouring island Ellis island which you can access by the ferries.

Broadway and Times Square:

This part of the city is like marmite. You either take to it fondly or you absolutely hate it. Just about seen in every American film today, the yellow cabs and the rolling adverts are all part of this combination of traffic and shopping. There are have been many celebrity visits here and you might even be lucky enough to catch one when you visit. The big economic crash in the 1970s saw many corporations leave time square and it just went downhill, with billboards appearing blank and grand hotels convicted. What was once a lovely place to visit became a place for drugs and crime. However, that all changed in the 1990s when police numbers increased dramatically, and good retail chains opened, as well as good restaurants and quaint cafés. By 2000 it had gone from dirty downmarket to and upmarket hub, attracting 50 million visitors a year.

Empire State Building:

The headline of the skyline of NYC. It took just 410 days to build, having seven million hours of labour put into it. Its view from 102nd floor indoor deck is to die for. However, get there very early or very late as the queues to the top are not to die for, especially at peak times. This will help avoid the queues as much as possible. A good tip is to buy your ticket online beforehand. For an extra $2 it will save you a lot of hassle and time. The views are spectacular at sunset and without a doubt perfect for a photo. You can head to the 86th floor between 9 pm and 1 am Thursday to Saturday, to enjoy a live saxophone accompanied by a refreshing glass of wine. The building involved the laying of over 10 million bricks and fitting of 6,400 windows. In 1945 on a foggy day, an aircraft crashed into the building on the 76th floor, killing 14 people.  Since then the top 30 floors have been fitted with a rainbow of colours reflecting seasonal events.

Transport in NYC:

The first step to transport in NYC is to get a MetroCard and put a certain amount on it which is available to do at every subway station. This allows you to travel on the city’s bus and subway network. Subways are the easiest and quickest way to get around. They operate 24/7 and after using the subway they are conveniently located nearby bus stops where the same MetroCard can be used. Buses also use MetroCard’s as mentioned and it is a more scenic way of getting around. Make sure you don’t get on a bus that only has limited stops as this can affect where you are going. Many of them run 24/7 as well in 5 to 15-minute gaps. Taxis can be ideal and are available almost anywhere, anytime.

Nightlife in NYC:

You don’t have to be a local to enjoy the numerous clubs and gars on offer in NYC. It has something for every preference and price you are looking for. Here are a few that you could try:
  • Marquee (Colourful, nightclub, Dancing)
  • Cielo (Big DJ’s, dance floor, lots of energy, fast service)
  • Bar 54 (54 stories high, rooftop bar, outdoor seating, happy hour)
  • Sky room (Great views, nightclub, retractable roof, indoor and outdoor seating)
  • The Box (Bar, Live music, upmarket, unique)