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Sydney Short Story

Sydney: A Tour Guide

The Harbor City of Australia, Sydney is the largest and oldest city with a desirable character, brilliant beaches and visual wows. Overflowing with thousands years history, scenic nature, creative art, delicious cuisine and sophisticated architecture, Sydney is set to flourish with miles of sandy beaches and ocean. Founded in 1788 as a little rough borough, Sydney has transformed into a must-visit coastal destination for the tourists eternally. Visitors love to visit the eastern coast of the city due to its pristine beaches, coves and harbors. While touring coastline, do stop at Sydney Opera House and marvel the magnificent architectural masterpiece. Along with all of its thriving attraction, Sydney is the spectacular sand striking capital of NSW to experience and appreciate.

Best Things to do in Sydney

Bondi Beach

Adjacent to the Ocean, Bondi Beach is symbolic of Sydney's lifestyle and a very favorite destination for tourists, locals, backpackers and day trippers. Famous for its gleaming ocean, pristine sand, clean water and secure surfing option, Bondi Beach is the true seaside spirit in Sydney. With laidback ambience at offshore, Bondi present a huge assortment of dining, enticing community, boutique shopping and cultural marvels. Every year a group of Barmy Army organized an event of Southern Hemisphere Christmas in the Sun at Bondi that magnifies its beauty and distinction as one of the ideal spots in Sydney.

Opera House

The most famous landmark of Australia, Sydney Opera House is on the site of UNESCO World Heritage list and a captivating tourist place.  A Danish Architect Jorn Utzon designed this magnificent structure that visually displays a yacht’s sail which is rising and commanding its presence. The complex has five different chambers for performing dance concerts, opera and theatre. One hour guided tour is enough to explore this architectural wonder but the true insight can be only preserved if you watch any performance especially Opera.

Taronga Zoo

Settled at the shore of Sydney Harborside, Taronga Zoo is 12 miles ferry ride from Circular Quay. The shaggy harbor hillside is the ideal and eco-friendly natural space for Zoo and filled with Kangaroos, Koalas, hirsute and many imported animals. The beautiful Critters of Zoo renders million dollar views but look blissfully ignorant of this privilege. Expectantly, Taronga establishes a benchmark for animal care and well-being which can be seen in natural habitat, Southern section of the harbor and spread of Asian elephants. Feeding and meeting happen all the day to animals that give them feel of safety and care. In summers, tourist can also enjoy the Jazz Concert at the harborside while beholding beautiful views of animals in the zoo.

Top Tourists Attractions

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

The trip to Sydney is incomplete without viewing Sea Life Sydney Aquarium on the front of Darling Harbor, the Aquarium housed more than 12,000 marine species including shark, turtles, stingrays, penguins and many more. The remarkable complex of Aquarium has two big pools where you can walk through, inserted in Perspex tunnels while watching frightening sharks over the head.

Hunter Valley Wine and Dine Tour

The palatable fertile lands of Hunter Valley is the most scenic backdrop of Sydney which is also famous as wine growing region of the country. Your taste buds would tantalize and please with a variety of wine that produced and distilled locally. Spend a relaxing day in the tranquil and picturesque Hunter Valley and savor a delicious lunch joined with savoring wine or book a private vineyard to taste several wineries. You can learn more about winemaking process with an experience guided tour and taste some samples of locally crafted beers. In evening, wind up your visit to intricate landscape gardens and boutiques village of Hunter Valley and explore more in the tumult of the city.

Sydney Tower Eye with Observation Deck

Walk above the 390 tall tower of Sydney observation Deck and endure a panoramic view of the city with a glimpse of an eye. Established in 1981, Observation Deck of Sydney extends 360-degree views of the city and even better for the adventurers who take a skywalk on the rooftop. The Observation Deck visit begins with 4D Cinema show that gives you a bird’s eye view of Sydney’s beach, harbor, and what lies underneath the water.

Transport in Sydney

The city has a comprehensive and efficient mode of transport to navigate economically and conveniently. Featured with public and complimentary transport services such as light rail lines, metro, airports, buses, ferry and taxi services, you can travel from A to Z in Sydney. The city has the largest rate of public transport practice amidst the Australian capital cities. Opal card is the smartcard ticket that used on trains, buses, ferries and light rails and it is rechargeable as well. Trains stations are adjacent to all central attractions in Sydney that makes your travel handy and agile while hooking up maximum sightseer spots. Metro service is not only linked with wider region of the city but also used to travel nearby major cities and Hunter Valley too. Sydney buses are also available 24/7 to get around but do purchase prepaid ticket for bus commuting. The Harbor City has world famous Ferry services to travel for locals and tourists alike and the most convenient mode of water transport to visit harborside attractions including mini islands, beaches, bays and especially Taronga Zoo.

Nightlife in Sydney

Sydney has enjoyed many years of the all-night party but after 2014 Government brought lockout laws that put some constraints on late night speculation. After 2 am you would not get in anywhere and last shot can be till 3:30 am. Though these restrictions have somewhat changed the social framework of Sydney but bars, clubs and pubs have also changed some functions that still presented Sydney a good boogie for nightlife and entertainment. If you unfamiliar to Sydney or just strolling around to get a drink or party, the city offers enormous opportunities to get the best beat, dance floor, or just a laidback atmosphere to talk and drink late night.
  1. CBD and Darling Harbor
  2. Newtown
  3. Surry Hills
  4. Darlinghurst
  5. Oxford Art Factory
  6. Stonewall Hotel
  7. Frankie's Pizza by the Slice
  8. Marquee Sydney
  9. The Beach Road Hotel
  10. Chinese Laundry