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Cape Town Short Story

Cape Town: Tour Guide

Cape Town brings together the wonderful city life with the calming waves lapping up on the beach. It is a great multicultural city and has a great cuisine and a beautiful. Table Top Mountain crowns the city being a pleasure to explore and even go abseiling off the flat top. However, there are equally delicate landscapes which extend beyond the city centre, such as Company’s Gardens or the Kirstenbosch national Botanical gardens. Discover the excess outdoor space and enjoy some hiking, mountain biking or even surfing. Creativeness is strongly evident in the city. This made the city the world design capital in 2014. From street art to abstract restaurant and bar décor it is a strong feature that makes the city unique. It also has a good collection of souvenir shops and enterprising organic market stalls. It stands pridefully in its multicultural position welcoming many different faiths from all over the world. A great way to see more than just the city is to go to the beautiful towns and villages a little further out to experience some wine tasting or even visit Hermanus where you can whale watch or dive to have the thrill of seeing some sharks.

Top Attractions:

Table Top Mountain:

With Table top mountain, it doesn’t matter if it's cloudy or a clear blue-sky day, it is always spectacular from down below or right on top. It is so stunning it has been voted one of the seven wonders of the world in 2011. It is a very popular attraction in the city with both tourists and locals constantly visiting. The Mountain itself is 600 million years old and is a great picture from any direction. It opened to the public in 1929 and has brought 24 million visitors. The mountain holds nearly 1500 floral species and many animal species too. Most people take the cable car to the near top and then walk the final part, which is probably the easiest way and offers a bird’s eye view of the city. You can not go to Cape Town without a visit to this remarkable place.

V&A Waterfront:

Being one of Africa’s most visited cultural hubs, the waterfront brings many visitors each year. It is set on the iconic harbour and offers a variety of leisure, shopping and entertainment. It has outstanding views of the ocean city and mountain peaks it is in a prime location. It has 100,000 visitors in peak season which allows it to contribute to the economy hugely and increases trade sales by a big amount. More locals have started to visit this complex and it is a big favourite for all international visitors to South Africa. It has 22 landmarks on site and is also part of Africa’s historical legacy. This is a great place to go to see some true South African culture and lovely on a warm sunny day.

Shark Dive:

The thrill seekers out of you will want to make the journey from central cape town to Gansbaai. South Africa has a quarter of the worlds shark population which lie in their waters and with there mainly being great white sharks. Dive down to the depths in a cage where you be face to face with one of the world biggest sharks as they swim past metres away. You do not have to be scuba diving trained as the cage only goes slightly beyond the surface of the water. Don’t worry about not wanting to go in the water. It is just as good to watch the sharks from the boat as they come right up to the surface. They all hang around this area and hopefully, you won't be their next meal!

Transport in Cape Town:

Cape Town is starting to gain an efficient transportation system. There are some good options that you can pick ranging from Taxis- trains. These allow you to travel and discover every nook and cranny of this big city. Buses and trains sometimes don’t stick to timetables so be aware of this and allow some time for this eventuality. There are lots of minibus taxis which hold around sixteen to nineteen passengers and even though they can be quite antic and a memorable trip they are affordable starting at five rands (0.43 USD). There are two main types of buses. One of the outer areas which is called Golden Arrow, and one for the inner city called My Citi, they are both affordable and efficient with the environment at their concern too. The Metrorail is the train system which provides lots of people with affordable and good commutes. It operates with different lines leading to different parts of the outer city. Uber is also an option offering private taxis to a more precise location which will save you any walking. You can book a taxi using the Uber mobile app.

Nightlife in Cape Town:

It doesn’t matter whether it’s summer or winter in Cape town the doors are always open, and the nights seem to go on forever. Whatever you want to spend or whatever you're dressed in there’s always a place for you in the city. Here are a few places to go:
  • Fiction (Nightclub, good DJ music, 150-year-old building)
  • Shimmy Beach Club (Late night food, Bar, Great cocktails)
  • DecoDance (Good drinks, various dance floors, Casual)
  • The Gin Bar (Good atmosphere, bar, cosy courtyard)
  • Cocoon (Club, good city views)