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Nice Short Story

NICE: A Travel Guide

Back in 18th century, English aristocracy had started to visit Italy but they have to cross France first for this purpose.  During their journey, many seaports came in which small port of Nice was also included. Due to its mild and refreshing climate, English visitors decided to stay in Nice for winter holidays. Thus a sizable British colony had built in Nice and tourism industry had begun. Since then, Nice lures thousands of visitors every year due to its wonderful climate and become a hub of mass tourism across Europe. After Paris, Nice is the 2nd most visited city in France.

Best Things to do in Nice

Nice has the world famous beach, mystical museums, divine churches and ruins of history that recalled happy days of the past. It offers plenty of opportunities to get around, spend money in large shopping centers and relax in the serene ambience of natural climate. Just endure some strength and energy as Nice also extends sundown attractions by offering world’s hottest pubs, bar and nightlife on the fringe of French Riviera.

A stroll around the Nice Beaches

Nice has an amazing range of beautiful beaches which are closed to accommodations as well. You may see the beach with pebbles, beach with sand, beach with diving boards, beach with ritzy restaurant and much more. If you want to get tan skin, then relish the French culture at Nice beaches and endure lifetime memories. The climate and weather of Nice are also encouraging for brilliant sunny days and skies that incredibly make you relax and served to look browner. It can be twisted while confronting Beach scene in Nice due to the huge crowd but you will enjoy with calm bays and crashing waves too.

A vista of Palais Lascaris

The Palais Lascaris is also a most beautiful and attractive appeal in Nice which can be view without any cost. Built in the 17th century, the baroque-styled Palace demonstrates the richest and powerful family of the city named the Vintimille-Lascaris Family. The grand staircase, arches, curvy doors, unusual hinges and medieval air condition system presents the eye-catching architectural sense and passion of Vintimille family towards the city.

Enjoy the Parc du Mont Boron

Take a departure from the city and breathe the fresh air of Parc du mint while hiking around. The parc du Mont Boron in Nice offers 7 miles hiking tracks where you can work out and burn calories to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For a panoramic view of Nice, climb up and enjoy the nearby military forts on Mont Alban.

Top Tourist Attraction in Nice

Promenade Des Angles

Named from English expat leaders in 1822, Promenade is the most famous seafront in Nice and stretches to 4 km with dedicated lanes for cyclists and skaters. If you are inclined to join them, rent a skate scooter or bike from the nearest roller station and enjoy the soothing breeze of the beach. Along the way, you can view the popular landmarks such as Hotel Negresco, Nicoise sculptor and the art-deco Palais de la Mediterranean. In 2015, the Promenade des Anglais of Nice has also included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

La Colline du château

Commonly known as Castle Hill, Collins du Château is the lush green park, filled with dense Mediterranean trees and shrubs. The former fortress was demolished 300 years ago that separates the beach and old port. Nowadays, old part has a yacht marina where travelers come and admire the extravagance yachts. Castel Hill also gives panoramic views of Nice from the Promenade des Anglais to the old port. In a warm evening, enjoy a stroll around the old port of castle hill and experience underwater floodlights with shining yacht and pristine blue water.

Museums of Nice

Among the finest monuments and museums of Nice, Musee Matisse is another enchanting place and has a great collection of artworks. Halfway up to the Matisse, Chagall Museum is another great museum which collection comprises of artworks by Chagall that includes biblical paintings as well. Mamac or museum of Art is the French-American art museum and showcase the work of Yves Klein, Nike de Saint Phalle and many others.

Russian Orthodox Cathedral

The St Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral is a most famous structure of Nice that built by Royal Russians in the early 1800s who visit the French Riviera during winters. Russian federation built this castle to satisfy the spiritual needs of the growing Russian community in Nice. The cathedral has witnessed many ups and downs but now it is open for public with a chapel and garden.

Transportation in Nice

Nice favors pollution free modes of transport in the city to avoid any harm to natural climate. This is the reason for 100 plus bicycle stations around the city, you can pick up any wheel and then return to any station. Daily and weekly subscriptions for renting bicycles are also available at the inexpensive fare. Nice also has the 2nd largest airport in France with international flights in and to Europe. Buses and trams are also run by Lignes d’Azur that cost you 1.50 euro ticket for 10-journey pass including intercity bus connections. You can also rent 50 to 125cc motorcycles at 30 to 55 euros for daily commuting.

Nightlife of Nice

Best bars and nightclubs in Nice can easily be found on the eve of Cote d’Azur. Enjoy your sip in a laidback atmosphere or spectacle dancing lights of bars and pubs, Nice has something to everyone searching late night pursuance. Eat drink and enjoy Nice as it has more than nice and decent spots especially in the summer season when the city gives abundant options for all kind of dark enthusiast. Some of the hippy bars and clubs are mentioned below which you never miss while visiting Nice.
  1. Riviera Bar Crawl & Tour
  2. Puzzle Bar
  3. Fred’s Bar
  4. Le Blue Whales Pub and Diner
  5. Cave 35
  6. Jam
  7. Le Glam
  8. Le Volume
  9. The stage
  10. Les 3 Diables