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Berlin Short Story

Berlin: Tour Guide

Berlin mixes together enchantment and strength which is sure to captivate people into the city’s own little world. But Berlin is for the ones only who want to explore. You need to do this to experience its stimulating culture, dazzling architecture and stunning food. You are sure to open up a textbook of rich history in Berlin with so many events it has experienced from Nazis headquartering to it being bombed until it collapsed or even experience the room where the holocaust was planned. The past merges into the present so much as soon as you enter into the city. It is a city which never sleeps with incredible nightlife it has to be on of the best in the world. Everyone in the city seems to want to have a great time out. It caters for every taste with small undiscovered nightclubs to large-scale raves. You will sure need some energy with you at night. The city is one of Europe’s new capitals. Constantly encouraging more and more new ideas to be brought to the city, it is home to many experimental testing. In addition to this comes many performing arts. From opera to the theatre or world-class blockbusters there is plenty of room for expression in the art area. The lovely thing about Berlin is the compactness of it. Although it might be a large city it has sub-areas within the city that are jammed with things and people so is easily navigated especially by foot.

Top Attractions:

Brandenburg Gate:

This landmark showed a division during the cold war. However, now it shows a reunification throughout Germany. It is one of the most well-known sites in Berlin today. It is one of the city’s only gates still standing and it really does show off the architectural brilliance of the city in such a great way. It was built between 1788 and 1791 and was taken from a Greek source which was the gateway at the entrance from Acropolis to Athens. It measures 26 metres high and has 12 wonderful Doric columns to support the structure.  It also faces onto one of the city’s most attractive squares Pariser Platz. There are quaint buildings around the area such as townhouses and impressive 5-star hotels. There are matching buildings to the left and right of the gateway which were designed by the same architect. It’s a must-see for any visit to Berlin down to the fact that it is one of the main attractions.

Museum Land:

If you like looking around some good museums then this attraction is for you. It being a world heritage site it spreads out five different world-famous museums. Altes Museum, Alte National Galerie, Neues Museum, Bode-Museum and the Pergamon Museum. They are all open to the public and were the consequence of building plan in the early 19th century. It also took the chance to show its vast collection of royal collections and fruits of the century. The first of the museums to open was the Altes Museum which opened its doors in 1830. The rest then followed on after that. But unfortunately, the Neues Museum which initially opened in 1859 was bombed during the war and luckily, has reopened in 2009. It is in a beautiful setting and you could easily spend a full day here looking at the big ensemble of things they have on offer.


This 25m tall glass cylinder filled with 1,000,000 litres of water is something not to miss when in Berlin. It opened in 2004 and cost a big 12.8 million euros to build and is now one of the main attractions. Running through the attraction is a glass elevator which lets you get a real insight into eh the thousands of fish that are living there. It contains 1,500 fish with 50 different species. The best time to get there is at feeding time where 3 or 4 divers dive down and feed the fish 8kg of food. They also clean the tank whilst they are down there. This is not an attraction to be missed and is certainly a good entertainer especially for small kids.

Transport in Berlin:

The transport in Berlin like most other big cities is efficient, straightforward, affordable and most of the time punctual. For trains, there are no ticket barriers for the subway or overground trains. However, you will still need to buy a ticket. There are various kinds of tickets. All tickets are allowed on all public transport. Trams run more frequently (every 10 minutes) but buses are also an option too. Tram M10 is the party tram at night as it connects to where lots of clubs are found. Walking can also be an option to get some fresh air and take in the historic sights of the city.

Nightlife in Berlin:

This city’s nightlife is second to none. Known famously around the world for this kind of thing. Anything goes in the clubs and there is a very good array of different bars and clubs to enjoy the night out. Here are some that have been recommended:
  • Watergate (riverside nightclub, terrace, international DJs)
  • Tresor (Nightclub, 3 floors, converted heating plant, dance music)
  • Tausend (bar, easy-going, Asian American cuisine)
  • Monkey bar (casual, cosy)
  • SchwuZ (Nightclub, cash only, casual)