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Orlando Short Story

Orlando: Tour Guide

Orlando can sometimes be little shy. You can get caught up in the isolated constructions of frames and theme park rides all too easily, with Disney or Universal Orlando. If you find yourself doing this you can completely forget about downtown and the main city itself. It brings beautiful green neighbourhoods and a rich field of arts and museums which you can spend hours at. It also holds some fantastic nature preserves and a world-famous American cuisine. Downtown Orlando is for the slower paced lot of you and avoids the manic crowds of the theme parks and quick rides. You can enjoy the theme parks all you like and pack some adrenalin in, but also take the time to visit downtown and you can decide which one you favour. If you are glued to the coasters try coming down for a day for a more relaxed gentler side of things. You may be surprised how much you enjoy it and believe it or not, sometimes a break from the rides can make you enjoy them more as a result.

Top Attractions:


Epcot is a theme park south west of downtown Orlando. Just like most theme parks throughout Orlando, it is operated by Disney. The park opened in 1982 and is 305 acres in size. It is often referred to as the permanents world fair. It is made up of two sections divided up into Future world and world showcase themed to 11 world nations. The world showcase section dedicates each part to a specific country. Enter into the ‘pavilion’ and feel as though you have teleported to another city and culture. Each one contains architecture, streetscapes and landscapes themed to the country accordingly. Some of them contain rides shows and interactions making you dive even deeper into what it would feel like in the country. There are a number of special events throughout the year that the venue hosts and is worth visiting them if you come at the right time of year.

Titanic; The Artefact Exhibition:

The exhibition showcases an array of 400 exclusive memorabilia and 300 artefacts actually brought from the wreckage site. Pursue a one hour guided tour through the 17 galleries whilst hearing about the tragic events of the Titanic in April 1912. Trained actors will allow you to get a further insight into what happened when the ship sank. Observe the fantastic and detailed replica of the ship submerged in 8-foot-deep water replicating the ship at the bottom of the Atlantic, where it still lies today. Encounter some outstanding real-world replicas of different parts of the ship which you can experience for yourself. You can also see a 3-tonne piece of the real ship, which was the 2nd largest part of the ship ever recovered.

International Drive:

When visiting Orlando, you will most definitely have theme park on your agenda. International drive is also a place you should have on your list too. It is an 11 mile stretch of road, where you will find many attractions to suit anyone who visits. The Orlando Eye, which is basically a replica of the London eye but in Orlando. It stands at 400-foot-high and has quickly become a popular attraction for both locals and tourists visiting. The constantly moving wheel takes you swooshing into the air on a 20-minute flight to give you a bird’s eye view of the city. Down to new technology, the time you will spend up there, you can use an interactive tablet that will show you corresponding landmarks that you will be able to see. On a clear day, the panoramic view offers a glimpse of Florida’s coastline.

Transport in Orlando:

If you are flying into Orlando, then Orlando International Airport offers a good range of domestic and international flights from many different countries. When in Orlando, LYMMO is the best bus company to get around downtown which provides convenient, cool buses to connect residents and tourists throughout the city. The company operates 4 different routes with buses arriving and departing as little as every 5 minutes. The train station Amtrak station is situated in Orlando and is one of the biggest stations in the state of Florida providing services for over 160,000 passengers every year. Recently the station has undergone major improvements. I-Ride Trolley which is a hop on and hop off bus can take you down International drive at various stops along the 11-mile stretch.  SunRail, Orlando’s commuter rail system offers train services in and around Orlando connecting some major cities around helpful for those of you wanting to explore further afield.

Nightlife in Orlando:

When the sun sets on Orlando the nightlife heats up and clubs and bars open offering a vast collection of places to eat out in the city. Dancing and live music is encouraged and above all, a great time is guaranteed. Here are a few popular nightspots to go and discover.
  • ICEBAR Orlando (Sub-zero temperatures, dancing in adjacent lounge, bar built from ice.
  • Tier Nightclub (Popular DJ’s, good energy, several bars)
  • EVE (nightclub, happy hour, stylish, DJ’s, good décor)
  • Kings dining and entertainment (American, cosy, quick bites, retro)