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Venice Short Story

Venice: A Tour Guide

Visualize a rising city on a lagoon, Venice is the city like no other. This Italian city starts with Venetian architecture, fringed its banks and end at the signature waterways of Palazzo Ducale and Basilica di San Marco. Venice has illuminated the world with her lights for over one and a half thousand years ago and still smiling on those who delay. Either you stay a few nights or a month just savor each moment she offers. The capital of northern Veneto region in Italy, Venice was built more than 600 years ago with all its odds and interesting features. The city has no road but a canal and 100 small islands in the lagoon of Adriatic Sea, lined with Gothic and Renaissance Palaces.

Best Things to do in Venice

Take a trip to the Grand Canal

Venice’s omnipresent waterbus is the best way to take a trip to Grand Canal. Though the canal is no longer overflowing with merchandise- laden cargo boats it is still used as the main thoroughfare in Venice. The waterways and adjacent architecture of Canal need a little thought to understand the historical importance of Venice. For details and a superb introduction of the city, take three and a half km trip that begins from the railway station to San Marco, telling you the proud story of Venice that how it evolved and worked more than any historical writing. Locals have their own palazzo that was not made only for social pomposity but also the foremost crucial commercial enterprise and their design is very logical and eye-catching.

Watch major sights of Venice in one square

Standing in the middle of Piazza, San Marco Square is a magnificent experience in itself as Napoleon called it a drawing room of Europe. While visiting Venice, it seems whole Europe has jammed into this square. As the center of many historical and architectural buildings, the square has often seen many living affirmations such as St. Mark Basilica of Venice that connected with Byzantium, the Dogs’ Palace and Torre dell Orologio, the clock tower which was built in 1496 to 1506. All of these exalted structures not only encompass the major attractions of the square but the whole city as well and clearly explained Venice, once was the political and constitutional hub of the country.

Savor Seafood like never before

Venice has a long and illustrious history of culinary culture based on seafood. The curvy and glistening variety of sea creatures float from the stalls of Rialto and Chioggia markets into local pantries. You have to be approachable while going with the flow of la Cucina venta to experience a certain spirit of savory cuisines. Not everybody has taste for spider crabs, sea snails, mantis shrimps but once you happen to Venice, you will unquestionably try these marine curios.

Top Attractions of Venice

Saint Mark's Basilica

The luminous Cathedral of Venice is a notable sight of Venice with an abundance of domes and mosaics. Established in the 9th century, St. Mark’s Basilica was built to house the corpse of St. Mark but when wily Venetian smuggled it to Egypt in a barrel of pork fat, the original one burnt down and rebuilt basilica in its own metropolitan model with modern Byzantine domes and Greek layout. Strangely, this incredible gorgeous church was the private chapel of Dog and in 1807 declared official cathedral of Venice after the death of the republic. There is no fee to enter in the cathedral and roam around the central circuit but you have to dress moderately and leave luggage around the corner of luggage office.

Bridge of Sighs

One of the most photographed sights of Venice is the bridges of sighs that connects Palazzo Ducale to the 16th century Prigogine Nove (New Prison). The unlikely popularity of this place is due to the British Libertine Lord Byron who mentioned this bridge in his long poem. Prisoners who passed nearby this bridge always praised the beauty of the lagoon city. Now people mostly ventured to cross the neighboring bridge through Sighs by hook or crook. Hence, Sighs is an alluring attraction of Venice and brings herds of visitors to the city.

Doge's Palace

Dog’s Palace once was the political capital of Venice during its golden age but today it is a major attraction for the tourists coming to Italy. Take one hour tour, skip the line and admire the treasures by famous artists including Titian, Veronese, and Tintoretto. Behold the sumptuously decorated room, beautiful sculptures and ornamental elements and immersed in the engaging history of Venice. When you cross the bridges of Sighs, do visit dungeons of Palace where Giacomo Casanova was detained. With help of a guided tour, you will get inside of the palace, giving you feel as you have stepped back to the past of Venice. Built in Gothic style, the palace was the dwelling of Dog who was the supreme authority of Venice in the golden era.

Transport in Venice

The lagoon city is best to explore by foot if the weather is fine. You will certainly enjoy walking in the narrow alleys of captivating Venice instead of travelling by any other mode of transport. While walking you will come across the little squares, small shops and many exceptional attractions and sight of the city. So it is suggested to take a street map with you and easily get lost in the tangled medieval streets. Air service, buses and taxis are also often used in Venice as per passengers need but the best mean of transport is water conveyor to get around the city with 100 islands. The efficient public transport service is also operating by the public company that mainly based on various sized Vaporetto boats (water boats).

Nightlife in Venice

Maybe you think Venice is not a carousing city and people go to bed at 9 pm. However, nightfall entertainment is the true Venetian approach of the lagoon city. If you have ample time then do try a small glass of wine called post-work Ombra or spritz in Venice. Join the young parties of creative establishments at the north-west of Rialto Bridge where the things go well in night bars. If you are dying for dance then head straight to the mainland where you will find the dance and drink together.
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