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Shanghai Short Story

Shanghai: Tour Guide

Shanghai promises mysteriousness, charm and oodles of history to explore. Shanghai is littered with tall buildings and skyscrapers that go above and beyond. It holds the world ‘s second tallest tower at an unbelievable 632m. However, Shanghai isn’t all about sky scraping extravaganzas. Beyond the modern crisp style of Shanghai tower, underlies a chest of outstanding architecture within the city. The city’s history between the 1920s and 1930s left an immaculate show of outstanding buildings to form cathedrals to temples. Shanghai’s architectural history cannot match any other.

Top Attractions in Shanghai:

The Bund:

Literally ‘the embankment of a muddy waterfront’, was the city’s wall where trading happened, and deals were made and lost. It was formally a towpath for dragging boats of rice. However, was gradually altered into a grand row of the most influential banks and trading houses in Shanghai. In this present day, it has arisen into a designer retail and restaurant zone, with exclusive shops and hotels. An evening visit is encouraged, which brings to you a slightly different, but intriguing illuminated view of the Bund while taking the time to enjoy a nice drink at one of the many bars. Or are you an early bird? See the sight of morning exercises along the towpath.

Yùyuán Gardens:

These beautiful botanical gardens with clear pools scattered with fish, layers of green moss enrobing the rocks and groups of tourists wandering around. These Gardens are a premium sight and a must-see for any visit to Shanghai, to get out of the industrial city feel. As you walk through you get a lovely perfume smell from the blossoming Shanghai flowers. It was the pan family who founded these gardens and it took 18 years for them to be nurtured.  They are a great example of Ming garden design. Just around the corner is Middle Fangbang road, which boasts curios shops and teahouses, which are well worth visiting.


You may think Shanghai is just a city with many tall buildings and tourists but there is much more to that if you look slightly deeper. A good example of this is M50, which has a sharp feel to it. If you like a bit of art this is the sight for you. Galleries have been set up in disused buildings such as factories and using the vast, lonely space, it showcases an array of emerging and established Chinese artists, traditional and modern. There are lots to see here so at least half a day is advised to spend here.

Shanghai Museum:

Sounds quite unoriginal right? It is, but it has an awful lot of interesting Chinese history passing through the eras. You can browse this museum for between half or a full day by looking at the vast collection of things from the Chinese calligraphy gallery to the sculpture gallery. Or why not have a look at the painting, furniture, coins and costumes on offer. After looking around, the excellent museum shop sells postcards and replicas of the ceramics of things you might find in the museum.

West Lake:

If you want some outstanding natural beauty that can be quite unusual in large cities like Shanghai, then this is the place to go. West Lake is totally enthralling. Watch boats float across in a relaxed way. Perfectly situated paths, benches and lake banks admire the stunning beauty of this place, for hours on end. It was primarily a lagoon joining the Qiantang River, the lake didn’t come about until the 8th century. Go to the northwest of the lake and experience spring blossoms in the compendium of gardens. There is a wide range of activities that take place around the lake. Don’t forget to take an exceptional photo of the sunset on the east shore. Look out for the jumping fountains at regular intervals. Get around the lake by foot or by bike. It is best to get around in the morning as crowds can become a problem on public holidays.

Transportation in Shanghai:

Shanghai has a very busy transport hub, as an important financial and business centre with people rushing to and from meetings, this is much needed. There are two international airports in Shanghai, linked with major international cities such as Hong Kong, LA and London. There are also high-speed trains going in and out of the city. Within the city, you can also make use of the metro with 15 different lines which take you all over Shanghai. There is a ferry service also provided to avoid the busy bridges and tunnels, which makes use of enjoying the river scenery.

Nightlife in Shanghai:

Shanghai has a good nightlife with socializing and partying. This will give you a list of some great ‘most happening spots’ with popular pub’s and clubs, that are great if you are a night owl.
  • Monkey champagne (Bar and restaurant, club after 10 pm)
  • The Geisha (Restaurant and club)
  • The Apartment (Club)
  • The shelter (underground club)
  • Downtown (Club)
  • Unico (hip club)
  • The Camel (Bar)